22 October 2010

2010 - The history and future of me and Desteni

I started to research human behavior extensively in year 2002 when my girlfriend left me after 3 years of living together, since she did 'not feel safe'. This was a big shock for me, since by my perception was that I did everything in my power to be the best partner possible. We had a great time together, we never had any physical fight, had enough money, large apartment, so I could not understand how she could not 'feel safe'.

This event motivated me to started reading hundreds of book about psychology and relationships, and that slowly brought me to more exotic books of spirituality, esoterica and so on. I also developed a skin condition and went to visit doctor, who prescribed me some ointment, but it had no effect. So a started to research alternative medicine, have visited specialists of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Indian Ayurveda, Reiki, Angelic and other healers, who were all very self-confident in the beginning but none of their therapy had any effect whatsoever.

I also started to practice meditation, yoga and tai-chi, joined Hare Krishna and similar groups and became vegetarian. After few years of learning and practicing Tai-Chi, I decided to also start to teach it on my own, so for one season I taught three groups of students in different cities in my country as a part-time job, doing design and photography before noon and Tai-Chi in the afternoon. But after my student started to ask questions about life that I could not answer, and since the Tai-Chi started to develop in a full-time business, I decided to quit teaching Tai-Chi and continue with design services and life research.

After 8 years of researching and experiencing all sorts of philosophies, religions, healing techniques and taking many different classes, I considered myself ready to offer professional counseling services in order to start supporting people in distress more effectively. So I sold all my photo equipment, transformed the studio in a nice counseling office, renamed my business to 'The Oasis of Love', and started offering Reiki and Angelic Counseling in order to attract and help people who were more new-age oriented. But since I had not enough clients, I had to took additional job of business directory traveling agent in order to support myself.

I was also very sad to see how the health of my mother got worse every monty. She was a midwife and thus the part of our official medical system, but none of the professional doctors was able to help her. She smoked a lot, had great problems and pain in the spine, gained weight very quickly, her skin became red and started to peel-off. They diagnosed her of being an alcohol addict, but I have never seen her drinking any alcohol at all. Then she hot a tumor discovered in the stomach, had surgery, and then she lost her weight rapidly, so she started to complain how her excessive skin was hang down. And in the middle of the summer last year she committed suicide by drowning in the nearby accumulation lake. So this is why I lost all my respect for our official western medicine, since they could not save even one of their own.

In October 2009 I had an accident and while recovering at home, I met Desteni via YouTube videos. I become very exited about the message and considered it to be the best solution to the human problems. So I decided to dedicate myself to Desteni fully, applied for Structural Resonance Alignment Training, renamed my business to 'Center for Oneness and Equality', and created new web site and leaflets in order to spread the message of Desteni and Structural Resonance Alignment Training. I have searched the Open Forum in order to see if there was already someone from Slovenia at the Desteni but I could not find anybody. However I did not introduced myself yet in on the forum since I had plan to finish reading and watching all the Desteni material first and then start to participating on the forum.

I was very surprised when someone sent me an e-mail, noticing me, that he made a report to Desteni that I am teaching Structural Resonance Alignment Training. I was happy to find out that I am not the only one from Slovenia, and that there were already a few young men, who have met Desteni even sooner than me. But I was not very fun of the way of finding this out, since it resulted in picturing me as abuser of Desteni and Structural Resonance Alignment Training solely for my self-interest. This is why I was forced to throw all my leaflets away and I also renamed my business to 'Valentin Rozman' which is my real name, since the people did not understand properly what 'Center for Oneness and Equality' was about.

After that I started to present my services as 'psychological counseling' and 'psychotherapy' services, not using Desteni name in any way whatsoever, in order to attract the most wider range of the people who were seeking help regarding emotions, feelings and relationship conflicts, and not getting any more in the conflict with Desteni. There is no law in our country to prevent using the keywords 'psychology' and 'psychotherapy' to describe the sort of counseling that one is offering. I made clear that I am not a psychologist with a degree, since my knowledge and understanding of how we function is much wider and deeper. But after several months of investing in printed and online promotion of my services, I have spent all my money and still not attracted enough clients to support myself. So I had to quit promoting counseling and restart my graphic design services.

I am now considering what would be the best for all. Some Desteni members from Slovenia expressed their perspective of my professional counseling services to be the act of taking the 'middle path' and in conflict with Desteni. Since I will now start to make my income by design services, and since I do not expect many counseling clients in the future, there is no need for me to charge for the counseling services anymore. This is true especially due to the launch of the Introduction To Desteni course, since I see it as the way of supporting others in much more effective way. So I decided to present myself from now on as a 'Graphic designer in the Desteni process'. I will produce my income solely by design services and Desteni Income Plan. If anyone would like to come for counseling, I will perform it for free, simply sharing myself and inviting everybody to join Desteni and Introduction To Desteni course.

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