26 February 2012

2012 EMA 2012

I just watched our EMA 2012 Slovenian national contest for the singer who will represent our country at Eurovision Song Contest this year. The winner one young female singer and the twin sisters who were the other finalist left did not make it. The whole show was full of saturated colors, blinking stars, magnificent video effects and fill with action. The audience went crazy, they were screaming and crying out of joy and extremely good feelings.

However in todays news there was a report how Europe is in political and financial trouble, some are even considering to cut Greece out of European Union but they fear that this will have a domino effect where Portugal and some other countries will follow a drop off. There has been also a consideration to turn European Union to a federation, similar to USA, where centralized government would be able to direct EU more effectively that each country on their own.

This is a polarity game that we humans play, where we pick some individual, make him something more than others and project our good feelings onto him so we can escape our negative side of reality where everything is falling apart. And then people are shocked when they loose their jobs, when companies go bankrupt and all wonder how this happend, since they were blinded with the pretty pictures and nice sounds from the entertainment industry.

How deep do we need to fall, how much pain is enough, how many starving people need to die, and do we really need a third world war to wake us up from this extensive mind energy possession? The time will show how strong shock do people need in order to end this madness. But for those who are already able to listen, there is an opportunity for change in order to establish a proper support for all living beings in this world by implementing an Equal Money System. Join us and do what is best for all!

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