28 July 2011

2011 - A new family member joined

After returning from Desteni farm visit I continued to date the girl who was in love with me, and when I moved to Ljubljana, I accepted her to move in with me. She then changed her name, since she has not been using her birth name for many years, and at the same time she decided to also change her last name to mine.

My girlfriend has a son which she practically raised by herself with assistance of her parents, since the father of her son never recognized him as his son, so he was practically a bastard. Her son just turned 19 year a few days ago and lived with parents of my girlfriend in city far away from Ljubljana. However the unclaimed father occasionally visited the son, but usually when he was drunk in order to whine about how miserable he is. A few days ago he became drunk and visited him again, but this time he threatened to kill him. The son called police and then police chased his father in the woods and locked him up, but only until morning. Since the son became tired of his unclaimed father's treats, he asked if he can come to my place. I said yes and he will be from now on living with me and my girlfriend until he starts a study of medicine in two months. He applied for student hall of residence and has a good potential to be accepted.

So I have been busy these days with helping the sun of my girlfriend to settle in and also introduced him with Desteni. I supported him to open the FaceBook profile and YouTube channel, and he introduced himself at Introduction to Desteni forum. He is very fun of Desteni message of world equality, he especially enjoyed the interdimensional interviews with Hitler, and he will start to do blogs and vlogs soon.

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