09 August 2011

2011 - Priority management

I have been observing recently, how fast the time is passing bye. From living alone, firstly my girlfriend Nadja joined living with me and a few weeks ago, also her 19-years old son Alen started to live in my apartment. I invest a lot of time in supporting both of them in realizing how "Desteni I Process" online Self-development & Leadership Course is beneficial in terms of removing mind limitation and gaining financial freedom. Nadja started DIP about two months ago and is progressing slowly, since she has not used English language very much and needs to learn a lot of new English words in order to understand DIP lessons. However she is pushing herself extensively and will gain speed in time. Yesterday I also signed-up Alen to DIP, since he became very excited about money-making opportunity of DIP multi level marketing business. He is currently extremely obsessed with cars and is passionately desiring certain type of silver color Mercedes-Benz car. So by joining DIP he will in time to earn enough money to buy himself this kind of transportation.

There is hundreds, even thousands successful legal MLM businesses in this world, like Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware, Site Talk, Global Information Network, and they are all a cool way of building your income. What I have learned is, that you can earn a lot of money in any business, especially in MLM business, and the decisive factor for guaranteed succes is to focus only on one business. The point is, that we all have limited time, there is only 24 hours in one day, and every business needs a lot, if not full attention, to succeed. So every successful person is a master of 'time management', some call it rather 'priority management'. In fact you can not manage the time, since tings happen very unpredictable, the only things you can manage is priorities. So you put the most important things at the top of the list and move towards its realisation until it is done, and then you move on to the next point on the list. And the best tools for priority management are 'paper-based' systems. While computers are indispensable in our lives, they also function as a crutch and make us remember less things since we rely on computer date storage. So when writing things down manually, using blue ink and white paper, we use our brains very differently, comparing to typing on computer keyboard, so we remember a lot more when writing with our hands, using just a simple pen.

In current economic system we are all forced to focus on only one thing in order to succeed, since there is extremely fierce competition. Some MLM systems promise high earnings if one dedicates all personal time to the system and follows instructions to the finest detail. So your financial success is guaranteed if you give your life to the system. These systems use the 'Law Of Attraction' and direct people to focus 'only on the positive', since everyone is suppose to be responsible only for your own life. They do not care for the poor and incapable people, but only make already capable people more capable and more wealthy. What is wrong with those systems is that they are the cause of poverty in this world. Participants are not aware of the fact, that by creating positive, they at the same time also create the negative. This is because there is one law that is superior to 'Law Of Attraction' and is called 'The Law Of Balance' or the 'Law Of Equality'.

All MLM systems present themselves as beneficial for development of society, they usually sell high-quality products and perceive themselves to be based of high moral principles. They support personal responsibility, but this responsibility is limited only to the system and to personal lives of MLM business participants. What they are lacking is the full responsibility for all things that they are influencing. Nobody is aware about how each of us are tightly globally interconnected and interdependent, and that everybody's action influence others beyond imaginable. So no MLM business is taking full responsibility, except one that is called 'Desteni I Process'. At Desteni we are aware about full picture of all systems in this world, and that everyone of us is equally responsible for everything that exist in this world. Thus a special multi level business has been developed that will take care for wealth of all living beings on this planet. It is the only MLM business that incorporates political agenda of on 'Equal Money System' that will eradicate greed, hunger, poverty and war from this world once and for all. So if you want to be rich and are at the same time interested in bettering of yourself and this world, I suggest to research and join 'Desteni I Process' that is the best MLM business of all times.

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