27 August 2011

2011 - Robin Hood Tax

Recently I stumbled upon Robin Hood Tax FaceBook group that then brought me to Robin Hood Tax web site. I watched the introduction movie that explains what Robin Hood Tax is about and found out that it is about taxing the banks or the financial sector in order to raise hundreds of billions every year globally. It is suppose to give a vital boost to the public health services, education system, reduce the child poverty and deal with climate change around the world.

The web site is extremely well designed and video material is professional production class. The solution is great since it is a peaceful political idea and a welcome alternative to violent revolutionary appeals that had very increased in its frequency recently. It associates the legendary story of Robin Hood, who in medieval times was stealing from the lords in order to give back to the poor people. However, similar to Robin Hood who was not able to change the system, the Robin Hood Tax is also lacking the perspective of the big picture of all the systems in this world, and it has no power for any lasting change. It is in fact a form of charity that only alleviates the consequences, without dealing with the core cause of the problems.

The fact is, that no minor change and alignment of the current money systems is sufficient to solve the current problems in this world. It is the money system in its totality that needs to be changed in order for every living being to be properly be taken care of equally. The whole mentality and value system that human race has accepted and allowed has to change in order to break free from the inherited evil. It is everyone of us who needs to firstly remove all our mind and behavior patterns that are points of self-interest and separation from others. And then we need to change the laws in order to share all resources on this planet equally, not only among humans, but to consider also plants and animals as equal living beings.

Desteni came with a solution of an Equal Money System that deals with all necessary points in order to change ourself within and to change the outer system in order for all to start living a dignified life. Everyone is invited to research the articles on the Equal Money System web site, participate on the forum, and subscribe for the notification about the release of the first book from the Equal Money book series that will describe all the details of how will Equal Money System function. All are welcome to join us and become One Vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System!

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