13 August 2011

2011 - There is no other choice but breathing

The basic development of Equality Store is reaching its end. I have purchased a label printer and electronic scale as required to integrate with our postal service web software and enable quick and effective preparation of packages. In regards to providing promotional clothing, I have purchased a thermal press that has a large 30 x 40 cm plate for t-shirt printing and a set for printing on the caps. Thus I will be able to print t-shirts and caps on demand and ship them the same day. The t-shirt designs will be ready in couple of days, and then I only have to make some test prints, shot some photos for the web store, provide the packaging and Desteni merchandisings will be ready to ship worldwide.

Besides development of Equality Store, I am also developing the photo studio services. A week ago the holder for 10 paper photo background rolls was delivered and it took several days to mount it on the ceiling and, assemble the mechanism and do the cleaning. The job was also very physical exhausting due to drilling and holding up heavy equipment. I still expect some photo stand and couple of backgrounds to be delivered, and I also purchased high quality lenses that are necessary for the job.

In two days I am leaving for Germany where I will have a meeting with some Destonians and attend presentation of some promising business opportunity. I plan to make new connections that will enable more stable ways of income and also to connect with successful people in order to make this world a better place more effectively. And on 20th of August I will apply for the study of psychology. It will be a weekend study class so I will have business days free for the projects.

Together with supporting my girlfriend and her son and doing all fulfilling all the business orders, I certainly do never get bored. I have always a lot of thing to do. I have now even started to run every morning with my girlfriend and I am reading books about how to succeed in business and become rich. When people see all the things I do, just based on my FaceBook activity, they think that I must have I triple time per day in order to do all the stuff. However the formula is very simplistic. You just never have to thing, but only do what is necessary.

Whenever I allow any thoughts I feel how I get energy drained away. If I become frustrated, the resonates support me itching skin, and when I get scared, the vertigo appears suddenly. So I have learned that the only way I am able to cope with all the obligations, is to stay here and breathe effectively. Every breath counts, and every breath that is left out has a very destructive consequence.

This is what I have learned at Desteni, specifically at Desteni I Process, where we learn how to free ourselves from he enslavement of the mind and live here, in the physical, practically, as equals with all living beings and do what is best for all. So if you are eager to better yourself and this world, I invite you to join us and also start supporting Equal Money System that will end all greed, scarcity, hunger and wars in this world.

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