27 November 2011

2011 - Isn't Equal Money System the death of individualism?

At Desteni we propose the Equal Money System as the way towards equality and providing dignified life for all living beings. Some ask themselves if equality means death of individualism, some sort of death through the sameness?

When you consider individuality, you must firstly observe if you are free as individual in this current world system. You may say that you are free, that you have a freedom to choose, but if you investigate carefully, you will come to an conclusion that every single decision that you make in subconsciously influenced by the fears, mostly by the fear of money lost. Money has become something that you can not live without, to currently you in fact can not execute your individual freedoms. All laws are made in order to keep current system in place and you have to do what the system says in order to receive enough money to survive.

In the Equal Money System you will be practically provided with everything you need and thus fear of money loss and consequently fear of survival will be removed. In the EMS you will not loose your individuality, in the contrary, you will be for the first time be allowed to express yourself as individual living being. So the word Equality in the EMS does not refer to become equal in terms of personality or expression, but in terms of having equal right and opportunities guaranteed.

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