30 August 2013

Day 112: Colossal degree of separation

I am continuing with listening to the free Eqafe audio interviews with creators, demons and animals. It is unbelievable how from the perspective of other living beings in existence humans are almost lost case since we became so much integrated with the mind that it has diminished us almost to nothing. Thus other beings do not even bother to communicate with us, since we are not capable of common-sensical reasoning. A good example was Jesus who came with the message of equality, however no one was able to understand his message and was thus crucified.

In that interview there is a cool analogy between the vertical line in the cross, representing the Here, the present moment, the physical and the horizontal line which represents the stretched current moment into the past and into the future and thus creating the illusion of time in the mind. Human beings are unable to live Here in the now, since we are located in the separation from here in our minds. We can not see what is Here, we do not care about other living beings, we do not give as we receive, but only take and take and take, equal as the mind only takes the energy from the physical body and thus destroys and kills it.

We see animals as less than humans since they are humble, and nice representation of benevolence are the sheep. They are perceived as creatures with low intelligence and we see them purely as grass eating beings that produce wool and meat. However they live in equality with all the physical and feel everything that is going in this world. They have a keen sense of grasping the larger picture, they understand our world system and the immense suffering that humans produce. Also understanding how elephants perceive themselves is very interesting. Animals see even the structure of nutrients in the food they eat and they return everything that they receive back to the physical when they die.

It is interesting how animals feel every minute part of their bodies, the bones, the organs since they are fully one and equal with their physicals. Some posses incredible sense of seeing, similar to x-ray vision, some communicate telepathically. All respect each other and understand that we are all part of the same source, just different expression. Some beings can even swap the bodies and thus live some time as the snail and then move to the body of the bird, without the snail having to die firstly. So from the human perspective of evolution, exchanging bodies and experiencing different life expressions while remaining the same being is quite phenomenal.

So for us to be able to understand the existence, there is no way of achieving this by accumulating knowledge and information and trying to grasp it using our minds. This is like trying to hold the water with a screen. It is impossible. One has to use water-tight bucket. So we must stop using our minds and birth ourselves into the physical. Only when becoming one and equal with our physical body, will we be able to understand life and become capable of existing in equality and oneness.

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