07 April 2012

2012 Spirituality Under a Microscope - Sexual Exploitive Healers

In this blog post a part of Desteni campaign where we expose all sorts of spiritual and new age deceptions and abuse. From within 15 years of my spiritual research I am going to focus here on one experience where a Reiki healer tried to exploit me sexually.

Around year 2000 I noticed some rush on my skin. I went to my personal doctor and she prescribed me some ointment. After applying this medicine on the skin for several months nothing changed, so I started to research alternative medicine. The first book that I found was about Reiki energetic healing. From what I found in the book this healing technique was working miracles, so I decided to give it a try. After I finished reading the book, I asked in the public library if they knew any Reiki healer around. They told me that someone was doing this way of healing but they do not know if he is doing it anymore, but they gave me his contacts anyway in order for me to check it out.

I called this guy on the telephone and it was a man around 50 years old. He told me that he is still giving Reiki so we made an appointment at his place. I went there the next day and we invited me in his living room. After me describing him my problems and asking him if Reiki would help, he said that it definitely will and that it is worth a try. I asked him how to proceed and he told me to lie down on his sofa on the back. I gave him all my trust and he started to lay his hands on my body in order for Reiki energy to flow from his hands into my body and heal the problem. After few minutes he told me, that Reiki energy would flow much more easily if I am naked and he asked me if would be comfortable being naked. I said that I am used to take a sun bath at the sea naked and that I am not ashamed if somebody sees me naked.

Thus I removed all my clothes and lied back down on the sofa. I closed my eyes and allowed him to continue with laying his hands all over my body. Since the rush on my skin was around genital region, he asked me if he may lie down his hands on the rush. I allowed and he proceed. Soon he started to lie his hands also on my penis and he explained to me that it is fully ok if I get aroused which I soon did. Then I started to feel some unusual feeling on my penis. With my eyes closed I figured out that my penis was in his mouth so I told him: "Hey, this is not a Reiki healing anymore!" I opened my eyes, he approached my head and asked me if he may kiss me. I refused and told him that I am not interested in any gay sexual activities.

I put my clothes back on and then we had a talk. He admitted that he is using Reiki healing for the purpose of finding out gay sexual partners and he asked me for understanding and forgiveness and if I can keep this event for myself. I was a bit shocked and disappointed since I never thought of something like this could ever happen to me and I was also ashamed if others would find out what happened to me. However I promised him that I will not expose his identity in regards to this event to anyone. In next years some other female friends also shared with me how other healers tried to sexually exploit them so it seems that this kind of abuse is quite a frequent event.

Besides Reiki I tried out also other healers with different techniques, from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Natural Oil therapy, Taijiquan, Tantra, Meditation, Vegetarianism, Angelic healing and all have promised me quite fast definite removal of my health problems, but none had any significant effect. I found out that the cause for my problems are rooted deep into my unconscious mind patterns and that only with patient and dedicated self-honesty, I would be able to become aware and forgive myself all the points of separation and polarity that I accepted and allowed in my life. True healing starts with self-responsibility and equality. There is no fast escapes so let us all start now in order to get this done as soon as possible.


  1. Ce bi ti kdo od omenjenih povsem "brezpogojno " zelel polmagat, ti bi se pa temu povsem "odprl", pol bi to tud imelo ucinek!!!,,,,ker pa je slo za daj - dam , oz bolje receno za pohlep na racun "naivnih strank"....ali pa "strast" !? :-) , so ti pa prodajali meglo.....in pol je res edini izhod, da se poglobis vase in ozavestis vzroke za svoje tezave. Kadar pa je zelja po pomoci brezpogojna, pa je leta lahko zelo koristna in ucinkovita , mar ne !? :-) Dusan Trusnovec

  2. Yeah, I've had a similar experience with a healer (not Reiki)I was quite young and ignorant but nevertheless I stopped him in time. This man was shameless: his wife was in the room next door! Then he still had the nerve to ask me for my home address so he could visit me to continue the 'healing' LOL

  3. Valentin, i suggest to expand on how have you assisted and supported yourself with the sexual abuse that you have faced as well as revisit your statement: "True healing starts with self-responsibility and equality" because that is not specific at all.