01 February 2011

2011 - Alcohol and celebrations, ex-apartment prepared for takeover

The Sunday celebration of my father's 60th birthday went well. The first point that I would like to bring up is, that father awaited guest outside on a terrace with a glass of whisky. So when some guests would come, he poured them a glass, even if they said that they do not want it. This shows, how the consumptions of the alcohol became deeply rooted custom to express welcome and how some are so possessed with that idea, that they do not want to consider what other want and what is best for all, but enforce the drink onto others without using common sense. Then when all the guests sat down behind the table, my father started to pouring wine, which is again the alcoholic drink, without considering any objections. Usually when someone is the host, it acts based on subconscious patterns of the idea what fun is and what it takes for celebration to be successful, copied from others and media, and the guest endure this subtle violence. They do not stand up and refuse what is not suitable for their physical bodies since they are scared to resent to the host or hurt his feeling. And our daily lives are filled with these kind of subtle violence. So I suggest everyone to stop this and stand up for themselves and for what is best for all unconditionally, remove all the fears and understand that if somebodies feelings get hurt it is his responsibility to forgive himself the allowed and accepted believes and definitions that produce friction between his mind and reality and result in energy that we call emotions and feelings. No more emotional projection and manipulation is to be allowed if we want to sort this world out and bring heaven on earth. The harmony can only exist if everyone takes full responsibility for every single thought, feeling and emotion that is accepted in the mind.

It was the third day of fasting when I also joined the family dinner in order to celebrate my father's birthday. He also filled my glass with wine and he knew that I do not drink alcohol. But even I did not said anything to stop this. I did not drink the whisky and accepted the wine as the drink with low alcohol percentage. I wanted to experience, how this drink would influence my body after few days of fasting. Soon after I took a few sips, I experienced a great pain in the upper back region of my mouth's top. It was very strange, since I did not felt anything like that before if I had some alcohol drink. But slowly the pain dissipated, so I was ok to enjoy the rest of the dinner.

My father's new partner/stepmother was very diligent in cooking all the dishes. She prepared two types of meat, baked and fried stakes, two types of potato and two sorts of salad. I liked fried Vienna stakes, baked mashed potato and green salad the most. Since I have been only drinking water and tea for the last few days, I was wondering how eating this much of food will influence my digestion. I read that is is suggested to slowly introduce firstly juices, than fruits and finally hard food, after fasting for several days. But one is theory and other is practice, so I allowed my body do be the judge of what and how much to eat. I had four small size fried stakes and a lot of potato and some salad and then also the cake and a banana on top, and did not experience any problems while digesting all this. An hour or so, I started to feel a very warm an pleasant sensation in my belly, and I was glad that everything went ok.

From the dinner up to today my head has been stable and clear. I have been cleaning my ex-apartment every day for several hours since today afternoon is the takeover of the apartment. I wanted apartment to be in top condition when the new owners would move in. My father grumbled and asked me why am I giving myself so much trouble with cleaning, and I said that I am simply living the principle of doing on to others what you would like from other to do onto you. I also surprised myself by how hard-working have I been in cleaning all the details of the apartment so it looks almost like new now. I guess I also enjoyed very much the physical activity while cleaning, and that also assisted me in getting my head more stable. Using computer brings me too quickly in some kind of mental state where I use eyes and brains extensively while other parts of my body have to be totally still. So using computer is not very balanced activity for myself. And I also quickly get into state of unconscious judgement or envy, which then resonantly trigger the reaction of vertigo and dizziness. Thus I need to organize my life is such way that a lot of physical activities will also be part of my daily routine.

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