02 February 2011

2011 - 2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowthe - Lecture video review

I have watched a YouTube video recording of a speech that Shaman Kiesha Crowthe, also known as Little Grandmother, had at Santa Fe Soul in the USA in the beginning of year 2010. The video has been sliced in ten clips, and the links to the video have been published on the wall of Slovenian FaceBook group called "Tribe of Many Colors" which has been created and is moderated by the wife of my friend who we have practiced Taijiquan for many years together.

I like the way of how Native Americans lived, in harmony with nature, and in past ten years of intense research of new age scene, I have also attended several Indian camps and met some Native Americans. There is one woman about 30 years of age, that is having lectures all over the world, and is presenting herself as "the blondest, youngest, whitest wisdom keeper" with Native American roots. And this woman, Kiesha Crowthe, came also to Slovenia and held a lecture just a few kilometers away from my home. I have noticed the invitation to her lecture nearby, but decided to not come and listen her alive, since I have watched some of her YouTube videos and concluded that she is not worth of paying attention to, and I will explain now why, within this review of her lecture in USA.

In her speech, Keisha is inviting us to "remember who we are", and then she claims that "we are god, goddess, creator, the great I am, the strongest of the strong, the love and light and everything that is possible". She explains that something separated us, so we started to "live in our head" instead of "living in our hearths". We are to "stop limiting ourselves, create our word, dream our dreams and stop waiting." Her solution of how to manifest this is to "switch from the head consciousness to hearth consciousness", since "if enouth of us get together and join this hearth consciousness, it will flip".

Then, very hilariously, in spite of she being "the wisdom keeper" and is preaching "to remember who we are", had to picks some paper notes, since she does not remember them. She then explains how the "spiral symbol" has been the symbol, used in drawings of native people all over the world, how there have been many manifestations of spirals with blue light in the sky, and that the light beings, together with their families, that love us so much, are returning to earth. Then she shows the slides of some very old buildings, like pyramids on earth and on the moon, that are suppose to hold the knowledge and "the box with ancient laws for humanity".

She continues with mentioning of Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton who have discovered how to change the weather and what time and space is, and that we are to follow the new sciences that will improve our health and produce enough energy for entire planet. She predicted the fall of powerful companies and governments, including USA, who is to loose power, and that this will actually be a blessing, since other parts of the world will then own America. Small communities will grow food, the hearth will rule. Money, government and religion will fall and this is suppose to happen without any riots, violence or war, probably by the end of year 2010.

Then she empowers the attendees by telling them "You are right just the way you are", and "If you are hearing something negative, just change the channel" and thus you will automatically change the world. We are to "Stop giving our energy to world problems" and to say each day that "everything is good and beautiful". There will be no savior, no one will save us, and the solution will come simply by following this eight steps:

Step#1: There is a higher knowing than ourselves.
Step#2: History is not the evolution of technology and production. It is the evolution of thought.
Step#3: All things are alive with energy. This energy keeps us alive.
Step#4: Energy exchange with plants.
Step#5: Step fighting to be heard or be in charge. We do not feed off their opinions of ouselves. We fill ourselves with earth energy, breathing it in and giving out energy back to mother earth.
Step#6: What do you stand for? Who do you want to be? Why are you here?
Step#7: Ways of knowing.
Step#8: Do not become addicted to other human beings. This will stop your growth!

So we are to stop taking energy from other people, since all energy necessary is outside. The highest energy is on the top of the mountains and you can fill yourself with life energy from outside. You should pay attention to your dreams, daydreams, and your higher self. If you ask the right questions, the right answers will come.

Now, this woman definitely is adorable and we all admire the native people since they lived in harmony with nature, but let us look at the practicality and common sense of the message that this Little Grandmother is bringing to the world:

While she concluded that "something separated us", that "we are the creators", as the solution to current world problems, she is only telling us to "remember who we are" and to "switch to the hearth consciousness" since when enough people will join, it will miraculously "flip". When you see or hear something negative, you should just "switch the channel". No one will save us, but there are some "light beings" with their families coming anyway, and there is already "technology" that will care for our energy needs and some "knowledge" that will tell us how to live our lives.

The bottom line is, that if you practically apply the principles that she is preaching about, you will be able to "remember who you are" simply by "trying to remember", and that you do not need to do anything to change this world, since it will automatically magically change simply by "ignoring the negative" and "focusing on the positive".

Well, I have been trying to remember, and I still do not "remember who I am". I have been projecting the love and light and focused only on the positive for many years, but the world did not change, it even got worst. So what she is saying does not bring any results and is thus illusion. What she is promoting is ignorance and she is not giving any practically effective tools to change this reality. In year 2010 nothing changed and there have been many riots and wars, and it will compound and increase even more. There is the knowledge and technology but the countries, corporations and the banking system are still powerful and it will not loose the power by itself if we do nothing about it and just "ignoring the negative" and wait for the "spirals in the sky" and some invisible "light beings".

Thus I invite everyone to research Desteni that has the common sensical explanation of how we have created this world, what exactly is what separated us, and specific and effective tools of how we can take responsibility of our creation and change it in the way that it will support all living beings equally. You are invited to join the "Desteni I Process" where you will find out how the mind-consciousness system operates, that produces thought and how if you follow those thoughts, you start to judge the reality and separate it to good/bad, beautiful/ugly, positive/negative and thus produce the energy that you call feelings and emotions. You will find out how to effectively "remember" who you are and becoming aware of your subconscious and unconscious mind by making mind constructs, and how to release all "the negative", by self-forgiving all the accepted and allowed beliefs and definitions that separate us. By applying self-corrective statements, you will align yourself with the principles of oneness and equality and thus support end practically "love" everyone as thyself. There is also an option to participate as the buddy within the "Desteni I Process" and thus earn you income.

The breathing is definitely the effective tool to ground yourself in this physical body, but it should not be used as collector for the "live energy" high up "in the mountains",  but as as the anchor to stay fully present of what is here in this moment, by being aware of your breath constantly wherever you are. You should not seek attention and praise from other people and do things just to be awarded by others and for your personal gain, but "to do what is best for all", or "to do onto another, what you would like others to do onto you", which is practical manifestation of unconditional love.

When you become aware of how we create this reality, and how each one of us is still holding this creation the way it is by our daily participation in the same mind patterns, you understand that it will take significant time in order to change this world. Everyone will have to be re-educated and aligned with the principles of equality and to become born as life from the physical. And since money is currently god and has the power to do anything, we also need to change this "god" that will equally provide for all. Thus Desteni has suggested the Equal Money System that will replace current money system and will take care for basic need of every single living being on this planet. The Equal Money System will be introduced peacefully in democratic political way, and people will vote for it in regards to simple mathematical equation 1 + 1 = 2. This is why I invite everyone that is serious about actively changing this world, to research Desteni and Equal Money System and support yourself and others by participating in the Desteni I Process that will effectively reprogram our reality and redesign it into practical livable heaven on earth.

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