05 February 2011

2011 - The second Desteni speech executed, upgrading my computer

Yesterday before noon I went out for a hike on a nearby hill, since I needed to ground myself. On the top, I was very surprised to meet my ex-coworker Valentina, who has been assisting me at photography projects a few years ago. Last year she managed to get employed at the Kranj city tourist office, it was only a limited one year job, but she was well paid. Two month ago her contract ended, she continued to collaborate on some projects, but the tourist office is now scarce on paying her, since they have to pay her out of their budget, and while she was employed, she was payed by or government. Tuff situation is here in our country and I heard that on every 60.000 people who finish education, only 6000 actually get the job.

In the afternoon, I headed towards the capital city Ljubljana and stopped bye at the Kompas tourist agency in Kranj, who informed me yesterday, that my visa for South Africa has arrived. I was happy to finally hold it in my hands, since now there is no more limitations for me to travel to Desteni farm. This made me consider the millions of less fortunate, who do not have the money or legal status to freely move around this planet, but are stuck in the same economic position and geographic location all their lives, only because they were born into poor environment.

Then I continued my ride to Ljubljana, where I ordered some parts to upgrade my MacBook. It was Friday 3pm and when I entered from the highway into the urban city area, the traffic started to clog. The usual working time in Slovenia is to 4pm, but many are ending the shift earlier, especially at Fridays. However I did not expect that I would be stuck in so slow traffic, since we were moving with speed of only 20 km/h in some occasions, where the speed limit would be 90 km/h. I announced myself at the computer shop that I will be arriving at 3pm, and I was already 20 minutes late when I crossed the city border. With fluid traffic I would be able to get there only 30 minutes late, and now I started to worry that they would close the shop before I reach the destination. I arrived there only 10 minutes before closing time and then I had to wait almost 10 minutes on the reception for my turn, only to find out that I have to go to the second entry on the other side of the building. So I ran there and reached the correct entry only few minutes before they were to lock the door. Fortunately they had mercy and took the time to upgrade the memory and hard drive on my computer and I also collected the larger external hard drive for the data backup.

The destination where I had to be next was Cerknica, but only at 6pm, and it was about half un hour drive from Ljubljana. I decided to take advantage of the time available and replace the car headlight bulb which broke down yesterday. I will be returning in the pitch dark, so it would be better to have both lights working. While most of the car shops on the country close at 5pm, I found out that in the city, several shops are open up to 7pm. So I searched for the one who was on my way who had the spare parts for my Renault Clio type of car. I had to pick between the cheaper bulb with the normal life span and the more expensive one with the long life span and two months of warrant. I went for the better one, since I have enough money currently. Wouldn't it be nice if the companies would produce only the best quality goods, so you would not have to pick between high and low quality goods?

It was high time form me to set out for Cerknica. The sun went down and I enjoyed the colorful sunset while driving on the highway with the maximum speed of 130 km/h. I stopped for on the gas station for I snack, since I would have to perform a few hour speech, and I wanted to have my stomach satisfied. How strange that if you have money, you can get the food everywhere, and on some gas stations even 24/7, but without money you simply die. This inequality has to end.

Even due pitch dark, and going to the town where I have never been before, I was calm, since I have a GPS navigation device in the car. I bought it a few years ago, when I was working as the travelling agent for the our biggest business directory. I simply enter the destination address and hit GO, and the displayed interactive map and the pleasant machine voice direct me turn by turn until I reach the wanted location. It is great that we have developed so assisting technologies, but why do only some have the chance to use it, and others not, until they enter this economic system and successfully get the money by selling the goods, which are made from the free materials of the earth? What a stupidity!

I managed to arrive to the meeting room in Cerknica right on time. The woman who met me on the FaceBook few days ago and invited me to speek about my experiences with Desteni, was already there. Within the next 10 minutes, the rest of the attendees arrived, and it was 5 women who managed to come. Firstly I asked what kind of groups they are and what exactly do they do on their meetings. They told me, that they talk freely about spirituality and new age stuff, but nothing special. So I started to share my experience of my past 10 years of research and about how I met Desteni and how influenced my life.

When I was speaking of the difference between life and energy and how the energy is always the result of the friction between reality and the mind-consciousness system, one woman wanted to express her opinion. She was about 60 years old and explained, that she is actually the spiritual leader of this group, that she knows where I am coming from and what is my mission on this earth. I explained that the information where I come from and what is my mission does not influence this reality in any way whatsoever, and that this is only a mind masturbation. What is important, is the state of this physical reality in this moment, and each of us has to take full responsibility for the current stare and direct ourselves into solutions that will practically change the world system into equality system.

After about two hours of speech, the leader of the group expressed her thanks for coming. After I explained that I am going soon to Africa and after I return, my plans are to move to Ljubljana city area, she predicted that this will not happen and that I will move to England, and that besides the White Wall of light, there is also some Black Wall that is holding us all back. I was surprised how someone can tell me about my future, and that this future is different from the expected result of my self-movement. I conclude this to be only an ego statement, coming from her mind, with starting point of superiority and wanting attention. There is no practical reason for me to go to England, since I want to work and establish equality system here, in our country due to common language. Why would I waste my potential by moving myself in the foreign country? This does not make any sense. And what the fuck is the Black Wall?

It was about 9pm when I returned home. I immediately started to reinstall the operating system and the production software to my MacBook with the new fast Solid State Drive. I had troubles since the install DVD did not want to run, so I googled the solution on the other computer. It is cool that internet has become the place where we get together and offer extensive supportive information to each other. And it would be even much cooler of people would self-forgive all the accepted and allowed definitions that separate us and stop producing malicious software. Why can't we overcome the addiction of emotional energy and finally start living as all as one and equal?

It was 1am and I still did not manage to install all the software. And in the morning I was to have the online chat with my SRA buddy Andrea about the mind construct. I was able to do the first Ranting and Raving step, and I needed to make the second step by braking it down to paragraphs. I am glad that at Desteni they decided to extend the Structural Resonance Alignment Training with additional 6 months of mind constructs, since I am also not very much good at it. I left the computer to continue with downloading the software over night and went to sleep. At 7am a woke up and checked for the Andrea if she is in the chat room. Since she was not there, I decided to work on my mind construct and broke it down, and then I sent the file to Andrea to check it out. I will now havet to wait for further instructions from her.

Later today I finished with installing all the software and then me and my father transported some boxes and stuff from me moving here, that I will not need soon, into the attic, and then we carried one of the sofas from the first floor to the ground floor and had a dinner together with my stepmother. I took a nap due to felling of extreme tiredness, and then continued with preparing the computer. The next step was the data synchronization between mine and father's PC computer in his workshop and then backing up data to my new external portable drive. My new SSD MacBook drive is too small to fit all the file that I have created in past 25 years of using computer professionally and privately, so the additional external drive was the only option to carry all the information on the road. Of course, I could also buy a new notebook computer, but this would be too much waste of money, since I am very satisfied with my current 14" MacBook. It is handy, light, robust, and it fits in my shoulder-bag like a slim A4-size book. I expect all the data manipulation will take time up to or maybe even past the midnight.

It would be nice to see if everyone on this world would have acces to the lates technology, and if all would live in the system where everyone is supported equally. Thus I suggest all to support Equal Money System that Desteni is presenting that will solve all our problems. And since we all need to remove everything that separates us, I suggest to begin with the Desteni I Process where you will be guided in learning tools of self-realization and removal of all energy addictions. I can say that in one year of my SRA process, I am experiencing great change in my emotional stability. For the last several weeks I also do not experience any sexual desires. I had my last sex over two months ago and I got totally fed up by it and learned how addictive can be, and how people, who clame to be in love, totally loose their minds and become possessed with self-created and projected feelings. True love can not be felt, it has to be lived within the principle of doing onto another what you want for other to do onto you. And this goes for all living being on this world, without any single exception. So I recommend all to join Desteni, since it consist of practical livable solutions that will manifest true heaven on earth.

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  1. was thespirtual leader accurate in her predictions?