03 February 2011

2011 - My first Desteni speech over, tomorrow will have the second one

Yesterday I had the first speech of sharing my experiences with Desteni, by focusing on the tool of self-forgiveness. The location was at some health spa center half un hour drive away, where I already taught Taijiquan several years ago. The initiator of the speech was me, and I took the first term available when I made an inquiry a month and a half ago. The free time-frame was from 5.00pm to 6.30pm. In spite of advertising on their web site, invitations to my friends on the FaceBook and two other trailer web sites, only two persons came to listen. This was mostly due to very early time, since most of the people are working in Slovenia to 4pm and then they need to arrive home and have lunch. But I decided to perform the speech in spite of small participation anyway and it came out great.

This was also the first time when I tested my new photo camera, who can also shoot Full HD video. I prepared the tripod and started recording my speech from the beginning since I wanted to watch, rate and improve my performance afterwards. However at the end, I was surprised that the camera has not been recording all the way to the end. I checked the user manual and noticed, that this camera can only record up to 20 minutes of video at once and the single file can not be larger that 8 gigabytes. I was not aware of this fact when I was buying the camera and this kind of limitation does not make any sense. I expected that I will be able to put the camera on the sand and let it record the whole two hours of my lecture. And now someone will have to press record button every 20 minutes and the video will have to be stitched together and it will be interrupted several time, which totally sucks. So now I am considering to buy some additional dedicated video camera or camcorder that would be more suitable for shooting long videos.

I have also decided to invest in upgrading my computer hardware. My father has two PC computers in the workshop and I have one desktop PC and one notebook MAC. My PC is much too slow for video editing, so I have edited all my vlogs so far on my MAC. Now the father wants to upgrade his PC's and needs another PC for the new workshop on the different locations. We have called computer expert who checked and evaluated the performance of all three PC's and concluded that they are sufficiently fast for the task intended and what is needed is just the system to be optimized. So we let him to execute optimizations and now they are really up to 30% faster. I plan to sell my PC to my father and buy a new computer that will be able to handle Full HD video with ease. After comparing different models and prices, I decided to go for the 27" iMac with the best performance, so that it will be able to handle my needs for at lest 6 years. And I also decided to upgrade the memory on my MacBook and swap the hard disk drive with the much faster solid state drive, since it will be my main tool for the next month and I need it to perform fast and reliable.

Tomorrow I am going to have my second speech about Desteni about tho hours of drive from my place. This time it was others who invited me to give a speech and it was one of my FaceBook friends who contacted me and ask me just two days ago. They are having periodic meetings of several people who are interested in spirituality and personal growth, thus I expect this time that many more people will come an listen to my experiences. I have also prepared a simple threefold flyer that holds short description of what Desteni stands for, the training and money projects info, my contact information and the links to my profile, blogs, vlogs and all the Desteni web sites, so the attendees will be able to take it home and share it to others who are also interested in making this world a better place.

I am glad, that people are becoming more and more thrilled about Desteni, even if some lightworker can not stand it. But the self-honesty and what is best for all are the supreme state of living on this world, so sooner or later, everyone will grasp the benefit of coming together to oneness and supporting each other equally. It is not that someone does not want this, it is just that when most of people take a sneak peek on the Desteni material, they usually get the wrong impression and emotionally react or compare Desteni to some spiritual groups or network marketing schemes and thus miss the whole point about what Desteni really stands for. There is no other way to bring the true Desteni message but to remain stable and patiently explain to everyone until they finally grasp that Desteni is the best message on this world ever and the real practical solution that will manifest true heaven on earth.

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  1. Cool Valentin, thanks for sharing about this! Looking forward to hearing about the next one.