23 May 2011

2011 - Corruption of legal system in Slovenia

Yesterday I had a 4-hours first introduction meeting with Rade Stanić that is president of Civil society for justice, development and control. I became acquainted with their FaceBook group few weeks ago and what attracted me was the exposure of injustice on courts in our country. I sent him the message in order to arrange meeting and to give him the information about Desteni who is also moving towards ending all injustice towards all living beings in this world. I met him in his office in town nearby and we had a chat. Firstly I wanted him to tell me his life story and how their society was established.

It was a very interesting life story. He was born in some southern Yugoslavian country, lost his father at age of 7, and mother could not finance his education. Some day he noticed a poster that was invitation of our republic of Slovenia which recruited people for mining school to then employ cheap labour in our mines. So he decided to use this opportunity and thus became a citizen of Slovenia. After working in mines, he went to army, and then he got employed as warden in jail near city where I currently live. Since he had a lot of time on his shifts, he decided to read as much books about law, jurisdiction, psychology and psychiatry and he applied and finished some school that covered all this topics. After that he established a real estate business.

Then he became part of some civil society for control of national institutions and started to expose irregularities and injustices. But due to conflict with some people within society, he established his own society in order to work without obstructions. In past years he has accumulated huge amount of evidences about the extent of corruption in our legal system. Judges have privileges to keep their positions the whole life so young people who have finished the study of law have no opportunity to get any job. And most of current lawyers and judges are part of old socialistic and communistic mentality and extremely corrupt.

People are sending to Rade their experiences and complaints about unjust verdicts and how they lost all of their money and assets due to legal manipulation of lawyers. But since he has worked in prison and has knowledge and legal authorisation to represent civilians on the courts, he started to write appeals and correct the unjust verdicts. He managed to save a lot of people's assesses and money from greedy court system. So lawyers and judges have tried to destroy him and attacked him with full power. In past years he received thousands of charges and he was brought to court for hundreds of time, but since he knows the law extremely well, and was careful to provide sufficient hard proof, they never managed to lock him away.

The biggest point that he is now dealing with is the exposure that most of judges do not have a certificate that proofs that they have finished national exam for their job. So the judges are now terribly embarrassed since they will probably have to discharge all the verdicts that they have made in past decades. This is a huge case that is shifting all the legal system in our country. And once he exposed that, when he was invited to a court, that verdict for his case has been written a day before he was invited to go to court in order to be judged. So courts have done many completely unacceptable actions that totally annihilate their integrity.

I have then also explained that at Desteni we know about corruption in all levels of human society throughout the world, and that we are preparing the political solution called Equal Money System that will totally change the values in our society and prevent all abuse that is currently allowed. He will due to his advance age and recent retirement of course stick to his current movement, but we will be in touch and exchange information in order to clear our social system from all the corruption.

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  1. Injustice should be treated as a crime and should be governed in the presence of public.