25 May 2011

2011 - I finally moved to our capital city Ljubljana

After few months of searching for appropriate place where I will be able to live and also execute my business services of photography, videography and graphic design in Ljubljana, I finally found some suitable apartment and signed a renting contracts on Monday, 23. May 2011 at 18:00 hours. I immediately spent the night there and the next day I visited local administrative unite and changed my primary residential address to Snežniška ulica 10, 1000 Ljubljana. So from now on I am living in 2nd floor of old renovated house where in the past the embassy of Belgium once was. In next week or two I will be very busy transporting my things to the new place.

The house is located next to embassy of Italy and right next to several universities, which Faculty for Chemistry and Chemical Technology is the closest, and just a few hundred meters away there is a Philosophic Faculty where I plan to start studying psychology this year. There is a large parking place in the back yard of the Faculty for Chemistry which is closed with sluice bar from about 8:00 to 17:00, and I got an electronic card key in order to access the parking place any time. And my visitors have to enter the one-way road to the parking place at the entrance of Faculty for Chemistry, ring at the sluice and tell the gatekeeper that they are visiting me, so that he then raises the bar and enables entrance. But after 17:00 the sluice is raised, so afternoon visitors have no problem accessing my place.

After registering my new residential address, I wanted also visit my bank, telecommunication provider, and Chamber of Craft and Small Business. Since they were scattered in different locations in the centre of the city, I did not want to use the car, since there is hard and expensive to park. But several days ago I watched the news report where they introduces the new services in the city that is called Bicike(LJ). This is the public bicycle rental service, so I wanted to try it out. This service is arranged in the way where on every 300 to 500 meters there is one of 30 bicycle parking space with the renting terminal and about 15 universal bicycles, electronically locked to the column. There is in total 300 available bicycles and 600 electronic parking places. You can pick the bicycle anywhere and return in to different parking place. In order to rent the bicycle, you have to use the Urbana universal city card with integrated identification chip that you can buy at all kiosks. You then need to find some Urbanomat terminal where you get the identification code and then register it online on Urbana web site.

The final step is registering your account on the Bicikelj web site with your credit card. You rent the bicycle with approaching your Urbana card to Bicikelj terminal at the bicycle parking place where you want to rent a bike, enter your pin code and the umber of column with the bicycle that you want to rent. The bicycle gets unlocked and you are able to ride the city on two wheels. In the front there is a basket where you can put your things, and it is well protected in order not to get you dirty from the chain grease or road dirt when raining. The renting is relatively cheap, compared to how much you have to pay for the car parking, and is free for using bicycle the first hour, then in costs you 1 € for second hour, 2 € for the third hour and 4 € for every additional hour. If the bike gets stolen while you have rented it, your credit card gets charged with the sum of 350 €.

I successfully managed to visit all the places that I had in mind and returned the bicycle to the parking place. The initial registration procedure however took quite a long time, about 2 to 3 hours, since instructions were not so clear, I had to go online several time, and also the terminal where I wanted to rent the bike was under maintenance. But from now on I will be able to rent a bike in matter of seconds. The Bicikelj service is good example of public service that removes the necessity of owning things. It will be cool if also cars could get enabled to rent in the similar way and I heard that in some countries this has been already established. But the best it would be, if renting would be completely free. So how would this be possible?

Well, all resources we get free from the earth and we are the ones who created the money and are accepting the way of how our monetary system is currently based on debt and interest. This artificially creates scarcity, competition, poverty and wars in this world. So if we simply decide to change our social and economic system in that which is best for all, we can distribute the resources, necessities and services among all living beings in this world equally. And Desteni came with functional political agenda that will practical manifest those changes. This solution is called the Equal Money System. So if you are interested in actively supporting the solution that will make this world a better place for all, visit the web site and join the discussion on the forum. Together we can bring heaven to earth!

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