12 June 2011

2011 - Make-up Artistry

I settled down in the new apartment in Ljubljana and equipped my photo studio with studio flash lights and light shaping attachments like soft-boxes and reflectors different shapes. Then I started to research surrounding streets. I few days ago I stumbled upon interesting company just a two block away that sell professional make-up material and also teaches how to do make-up for different occasions. I went in and introduces myself as the new neighbour photographer and expressed interest to find out more about make-up, since this is part of the photography business. They told me, that in few days they will have a free 3-hour basic personal make-up workshop, so today morning I went there in order to find out the basics of make-up.

About 8 woman came to the workshop and I was the only male, since the workshop was about teaching the personal make-up for the females. One of the woman was asked to be a model and the make-up artist with 15 years of experiences started to show us how to do the make-up. The most important thing is to do the make-up in the way that it is not or hardly noticeable. It is about illusion, about convincing others that this is the way you really look. So if you have a heavy make-up, then others will notice it and they would not believe you that this is you. These were the justifications that make-up artist made. She told us, that it is expected, especially in the business meetings and if you work with customers, to wear a make-up in order to become more beautiful.

Well for me as photographer, it is functional and practical to do some basic make-up to the person who wants to be photographed since if one has a very greasy shin, the light bounces of the oily skin and produces reflection. The human eye sees the person differently that the camera that captures every single detail. So since the photo is intended to be observed for a longer period of time, it is practical to do some matte make-up in order to remove the reflections, but I would not recommend to go beyond this point. If someone wants to change the looks in order to become something more and better, like more beautiful and attractive, this is manipulation and deceptions and I do not support this.

The fact is, that we have started to judge people upon their looks and not upon who they really are as beings. So for me it is not important the looks of someone, but what are the behaviour patterns of someone and how one is able to be be responsible for its actions and the lever of awareness about how this reality operates. There is no such thing as beauty. The make-up artist observed attendees of the workshop and told to some females that one has beautiful skin, the other had beautiful lips, some had beautiful eyes, but this is just a self-deception and projection. The skin is in fact not beautiful. It can be more smooth, with less blemishes and pimples, with equal tonality, and this are the true fact.

One must understand that beauty is a personal judgement and is the polarity opposite of the ugliness. The standard for the beauty is social and cultural programming. Where standards are different, the definitions of beauty are different. And everything that changes is not real, it is a lie. So the definition of the beauty is always a lie and a personal projected judgement. Whenever you judge someone as beautiful, at the same time you judge others as not beautiful or ugly. Thus you separate the reality to acceptable and not acceptable. You create friction between what is here and real and what are the illusional ideals that you have allowed and accepted in your mind. The consequence of this judgement is the friction that produces energy of good and bad feelings and emotions. This energy is blinds you from seeing what is actually here.

So I suggest everyone not to trap yourself in the polarity definitions of the mind like beautiful and ugly, positive and negative, right and wrong, since use of such judgements is the cause of all suffering in this world. Existence can exist in balance only if all the parts of existence are equal. Thus no one can exist as more or less important than other. To find out how the mind works, how we deceive ourselves and each other with point of separation in our minds, and how to effectively remove all this mind viruses, I invite you to join 'Desteni I Process'. And in order to bring equilibrium in the world social system, I recommend researching the 'Equal Money System'. This are all the solutions of Desteni group with thousands of free articles and YouTube videos that are extremely assisting in realising why suffering exists in this world and how to remove it practically and effectively. Join group who does what is best for all and walk with us as equal in building the heaven on earth.

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