07 January 2012

2012 - Occupy student protests and Basic Income Grant

In the afternoon of Friday, 5th January 2012 at 16:30 I attended student meeting at Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of Faculty of Arts. As I understood there is some new law that would compromise the scholarship of foreigns students in ours country so they wanted to prepara a strategy that would prepare an action plan to stop execution of that law. I joined the meeting in order to invite participants to research Desteni solutions that would end laws that are harmful to individuals once and for all. So when the meeting leader asked me about my perspective, I gave some information about Desteni solutions and distributed flyers with additional information to all participants that were about 10 students and one professor. I invited them to also attend the lecture about BIG that will take place in the evening.

Then at 19:30 I attended a lecture about BIG - Basic Income Grant at the Fužine public library. I listened to Valerija Korošec, who has wrote a detailed proposal of BIG implementation to our government, and now this document has been also printed and is available in form of a book under COBISS ID 978-961-260-052-5. She told us about her experiences about struggle to implement BIG in our country. The first time that BIG was suggested in Slovenia was in year 1990 and at that time it would be much easier to implement it than in the present time. Now the situation is far more complicated. She also answered to some common questions and concerns about consequences of BIG implementations, like: "Will anyone still want to work if everyone unconditionally receives about 500 € per month?".

She came with many examples of pilot studies and partial BIG implementation, like in Alaska, Namibia and Brazil. So there is enough money from social welfare and other programs that can be easily replaced with Basic Income Grant and the whole system can be thus simplified and minimum living standards guaranteed for everyone. She explained that current financial crisis is not just a temporary illness of our economy, but a cancer of global economic system and the crisis of values and thus a must before everything breaks apart. At the end of the lecture were Valerija become very emotional, I also gave some information about Equal Money System and distributed flyers with Desteni links to all of about 20 participants. I also gave Valerija my book and two audio CDs with more detailed information about EMS.

It was interesting to hear about how Valerija's suggestion about BIG came usually with reaction that it is something "utopic" and that it can not be made true. She made examples that this kind of statements were also used in the history where equal rights for black slaves and voting right for women were suggested, but they all eventually came true. But when I introduced to Valerija the suggestion of Equal Money System where not only humans will be taken care of, but also animals and plants equally, it seemed "utopic" even for her. So yes, EMS is definitely a big step in human awareness where the man is not defined only as ruler and master of the world but equal and one to all other forms of expression of life. If you want to learn more about ultimate solutions for world equality, visit the Equal Money web site and read the first book about Equal Money System.

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