24 January 2012

2012 - How I was Able to Hear the Desteni Message

My path of intensive self-realisation started in year 2000, when my first girlfriend with whom I lived together for 3 years left me on my big surprise. I was left in my own apartment, with recently started own business of graphic design and photography, so I had a lot of time and motivation to start a research what is going on in people's heads.

In the next 10 years I read hundreds of books on human relations, psychology, afterlife, spirituality, religion, new age, healing and metaphysics, visited many spiritual teachers, gurus, healers, religious groups and attended numerous seminars, camps, gatherings, fairs and related events. Thus I accumulated a lot of knowledge, experiences and realisations.

It was in fall of 2009 when I had a terrible accident while returning from a business meeting in late night. In darkness I overlooked an escarpment, fall very hard on my stomach, and punched my spleen. They immediately put me on surgery and removed my spleen. I was one of the lucky ones who had two spleens, so I had no problems by removing one of them. For 2 weeks I recovered in the hospital and then I continued with the healing process at my home.

While recovering on sofa in my living room, I amused myself with searching and watching for new age content on the net. One day, while I was browsing spiritual videos on YouTube I stumbled upon very unusual videos. There was some young figure, age about 20 with short blond hair, who spoke in video interviews and deeply exhaled and inhaled in the beginning and at the end of every video interview. Strange was also that this person used different name each time when introduced himself in the beginning of the video, right after first deep exhalation and inhalation.

What attracted me the most was the message that came through this interviews. It explained a lot of thing about dimensional existence, aliens, chakras, angels, demons, gods and the history of universe and human race. The message was very common sensical to me and explained more in detail everything about his existence and afterlife than every book or video that I read and watched so far. I became obsessed with watching this video interviews and watched them for several months, from morning to evening. There were thousand of them and I consumed them with great pleasure.

I noticed that this videos were from the same YouTube channel and that all had a web address at the end of the video, directing to Desteni web site. So after hundres hours of watching this Desteni videos, I decided to check the web site in order to see who was producing them. I found there even more interesting written material and the forum. I registered on Desteni forum, introduced myself and started the communication with the people there. They introduced me with the process of writing and self-honesty, so slowly it was also I who started to produce blogs and vlogs and begun sharing my and Desteni contend on the FaceBook.

Many however reacted to shared Desteni material extensively and this is for several reasons. Some did not have enough experiences to compare the information and see that Desteni is about equality and what is best for all, and there were also the light workers, rainbow warriors and religious fanatics, who preferred to hold onto their own beliefs and self-created good feelings and did not want to understand what was the core problem for all the suffering in this world. I time I slowly begun to understand, that only few people will be able to grasp the Desteni message and join the joint effort of establishing Equal Money System that will guarantee a dignified life for all living beings on this planet equally.

I am very thankful to Bernard, Sunette, Esteni, Andrea and all others who started the research and initiated the process of applying effective and practical solutions for the problems in this world. And I invite all the people who have at least one pinch of compassion left in them, to join people from all over the world who stand up strong and firm for equality and what is best for all. Stop living in alternative reality of your mind, become a Destonian, start breathing, bring yourself here and become one and equal with all life!

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