16 December 2019

Day 182: Al-one and One-ness

During the process of self-realization, I have been aligning myself with the principle of oneness and equality. I comprehend this principle as the fact that existence is one (singular) and consequently, everything that exists is part of the existence and connected to it. Thus any sensation that perceives any part of existence as separate (unconnected) to the totality of existence is an illusion of separation. Thus also I who is perceiving my human physical body as something separate in this physical existence am also under the influence of such illusion. Before I came to that realization I have been driven by the illusional character of someone that needs to constantly impress others by discovering and sharing secret knowledge and information. However, the consequence of becoming self-aware that I can actually never exist as a manifestation of separation has been losing interest to do anything particular in order to protect my illusion of separation or to create even more illusional separate parts by having children of my own.

However, consciously using logic as the base for the realization that separation can in fact not exist has not resulted in also automatically removing the perception of separation via the senses of my human physical body. And I also do not have the ability to leave my human physical body by my own will. Sleeping does in a way temporarily disconnect me from the perception of being in the physical body however whenever I wake up I still find myself in it. Thus I am facing a decision about how to function in this physical world until the perception of me being in my current physical body ends for good. The main thing that I am occupying myself with is maintaining my awareness of oneness and equality in every single moment. Which practically means to stop any distraction of my mind in the form of thoughts end energetic reactions that tempt me into losing my awareness. And to also stop any influence by anything and anyone that I perceive as being outside of my human physical body and equally tempt me to persuade that separation is real.

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