17 June 2020

Day 196: The mind blowing failures out of proportion

In relation to my previous two blog post, I will be here looking at some more related limiting beliefs that I am obviously still holding to. I estimated that in the previous post I hit the target and that I will be able to successfully release the lower back pain, however, it is still persisting. I also went to a mountain hike over the weekend that usually assists me at decreasing the back pain however it did not have much of an influence. During the hike, I have been listening to Eqafe supportive educational audio on the topic of victimization that I listed at the end of the previous blog post. That assisted me a lot to become more aware of the mechanism that the mind uses to trick us into applying the personality of a powerless victim. So with an enhanced perspective, I intend for this blog post to be even more effective in addressing the core issues for the lower back pain.

A major point that I became aware of is how I have been conditioned into a lifestyle where I do not have to think much about the money and where my survival is more guaranteed that in many other countries. First influential experience is, of course, my childhood where my parents took care that we had enough food on the table, I was raised in a peaceful post-word-war-II era with a socialistic system where the needs of every one were taken care of very good and cheap credits to build houses were widely available. My father progressed with the climbing of the corporate leader, became a part of the steel factory management, and then also developed the family business that has been very profitable and enabled us to build our own house. I had resources available to enjoy all kinds of sports and got my own car. The problem, however, was the relationships that eventually forced me into moving away with my girlfriends in order to maintain sanity and prevent additional degradation of my physical health.

However even after my girlfriend and I started to live in our rented apartment, my parents insisted on taking better care of the finances. Since they saw me paying our apartment rent with the salary that they gave me as wasting of their own money, they bought a small apartment on a credit and forced me and my girlfriend to move there as a much better investment of their money. And after I decided to start my own business due to continued conflicts in our family business work environment, they additionally forced my girlfriend and me into moving to a new larger apartment where they took care of the credit. They justified that decision as giving me my inheritance in advance as an act of equality in relation to my brother who after I moved out of our house had the whole flat available for himself. So while I started to build my own business, I had no monthly rent expenses, and thus I was able to invest most of the profit into business and develop it more easily and faster than most others. This also enabled me to take enough time for my personal growth after my girlfriend decided to leave me and move away due to all the mental pressures from the side of her and my parents.

When the financial crisis hit also our country in 2008 and I started to accumulate debt for the first time in my life. I decided to sell my apartment and move with my new girlfriend to Ljubljana. This was also the first time of me having a lot of liquid capital from the sale of my apartment so I allowed myself to live with much greater monthly expenses than ever before. Initially, I built my businesses mainly around my personal interests of survival, maintaining a small circle of family and friendship relationships, and self-expression. And especially after discovering Desteni in 2010 and visiting their farm in South Africa, my focus has become creating the biggest positive social impact possible no matter the cost. I also looked at the money from selling my apartment as a form of blood money that has been accumulated on the cost of the suffering of myself and many others. So all my following activities were a form of repentance to balance the bad karma of many generations within my bloodline. It was not my plan to spend all the savings from the sale of my apartment however all the sequence of events sadly lead to that.

For example, I wished for my girlfriend to assist me with the development of the Equality Store for the international sale of wearables for promotion of the Equal Money System however she decided to compensate her bad self-image with staring to attend the school of cosmetics in order to somehow feel more pretty. I decided to earn money by restarting my photography business for the duration of my study of psychology however the tsunami hit Japan and the delivery of the photo studio equipment took 6 months instead of expected 3 weeks. After my girlfriend finished her study, we created a mutual business where I executed personal counseling and she did the classic massage therapy. Until her outburst of envy towards my female classmates, death threat by her ex-boyfriend towards me, and Desteni's decision to end global promotion of the Equal Money System resulted in my decision to end the relationship with her and move to the city suburb. All the multi-level marketing opportunities that I engaged afterward and that looked so very promising at the beginning also all crashed down after a couple of years.

In the year 2013 when I moved to Maribor city, I finally spent all my savings, and I had for the first time in my life ask for the social support money. I felt very embarrassed about that since I considered that as an act of personal failure. In the following period until this day, I engaged in several business projects where I wanted to positively influence the global situation and where the project leaders promised me a lot of financial compensation for my work. Despite my best efforts, it resulted in no earnings in fiat currencies and a lot of earnings in non-exchangeable digital currencies. I definitely could at that time generate sufficient fiat currency if I had accepted working for a minimum salary, working something that I did not like, or moving and working in another country. However, I simply refused to make such a compromise and decided to focus on combining my passion, freedom of expression, and changing this world into something better for all living beings. I just can't figure out why fate has placed so big obstacles for me and tried to force me into giving up.

Like why just after I decided to return to offering personal services in form of a Life Coaching this year, the global Coronavirus shutdown happened which is very similar to the global financial recession occurring after I just started to offer my personal counseling services in the year 2008. It is like the matrix is preventing me from assisting others to raise their awareness by shutting down the economy of the whole world. And also why I got seriously injured when I started to become the leading moneymaker as the PIRS business directory salesman, why the Bitcoin collapsed right after I started to make profits by investing in it and why the Spurt and Equality Keys currencies have still not become convertible, which looks like the matrix is trying to prevent me from generating income in any kind of currency. And why only girls with conflictual personality came into my life instead of some girl with a business-oriented mind and strong emotional stability contacting me with a desire to be in a relationship with me which looks like the matrix is preventing me to create a family and raise the children that would with their high awareness present a threat to the current global system. I could go on with even more examples of my efforts being sabotaged by dear Mrs. Faith but let's leave it with these. Let's do now some correction of my thinking pattern as taught at the Desteni I Process online courses:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hold onto memories of the past experiences and to define myself with them instead of releasing myself from the past and making the best use of all the potentials that are available to me. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thought like: “If you want to know what you are and what you are capable of, just look at your past and know that such will also be the future.” to stop and breathe. Instead of projecting my past into the future, I live every moment as a fresh start and expand myself by learning new skills, improving current capabilities and tapping into many available resources to multiply them to create a world of abundance where we all live in harmony, mutual support and collaborate as one and equal.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to copy the personality of self-diminishment and self-victimization from my parents and use it as a valid manipulation and survival method instead of realizing how harmful such character is since it contributed for my mother to totally ruin her physical health and eventually committing suicide. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “It is very useful to show to others that you are week and incapable of taking care of yourself since they will feel sorry for you and help you to survive in this cruel world.” to stop and breathe. Instead of taking away my full power of creation as an equal in this world, I take charge of my life and stop the harmful pattern of victimization from transfering itself into the next generations once and for all.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to justify my envy and spite towards others by being a Slovenian national since our culture is to pull each other down and not allowing anyone to stick out and to succeed more than others. I realize that while in some other countries there is a more supportive environment for personal and business growth, I can still challenge myself by continuing living here and redefining what it means to be a Slovenian. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “Be aware that you are part of a very small nation with a slave mentality who has little to know leadership character so you also behave like that.” to stop and breathe. Instead of defining myself by my nation or its general mentality, I decided to live free of any labels and direct myself by the principle of what is best for all no matter where my permanent residence is located.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to look at my past relationships and business experiences as a collection of failed attempts to achieve success due to not being married and having own kids yet and spending all the money from the sale of my apartment instead of becoming at least a millionaire by now. I realize that whatever my previous decisions were, they were all a result of my awareness and circumstances at that time that assisted me to grow and to become a better version of myself. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thought like: “Look at many others in your age, like your younger brother who has a wife, two daughters, and a stable business, or look at Elon Musk who created a multibillion dollar business, so better be ashamed of who you are.” to stop and breathe. Instead of comparing myself to others of my age,  I change my relationship to my memories of the past into something much more supportive for me and others.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing for my mind to ignore most of the positive experiences and achievements in my past and to for the most of time serve me only the memories of the negative experiences and achievements while at the same time blowing them out of proportions instead of realizing that number of positive past events and its effects far more exceed the negative ones. I commit myself to when and as my mind is producing thoughts like: “Just remember how many times in the past you started something and you failed so it is fair to see yourself as a loser.” to stop and breathe. Instead of focusing on the negative past memories, I consider all the events that happened in the past as the equal and natural outflow of the consequences, not of just my decisions but of all beings in this world combined.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to see myself as an insignificant individual with a very limiting mental capacity that is not able to handle the complexity of this world. I realize that experience of overwhelmingness is a result of me going into my mind and overthinking things that I face instead of becoming equal with every singel challenge and using mathematical precision to break it down and walk it bit by bit until I take full ownership of it. I commit myself to when and as I face a challenge and my mind is producing thought like: “Just look at how complex this thing is, imagine everything that you will have to do to handle it and how you are incapable of coming to a complete solution in your mind.“ to stop and breathe. Instead of using the limited capability of my mind to face a challenge, I use the support of the physical to write down all the components of the challenge, collaborate with others, delegate tasks, and use all the available resources to tackle the challenge until it is completed.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to lose interest in increasing my mental capacities, gathering new knowledge and enhancing my capabilities due to a belief that I am already quite old and that the capabilities of my brain will from now on only slowly diminish. I realize that no matter how old I am, I can apply many mental exercises, use the tools like TechnoTutor to increase my processing power and my long-term memory, assist myself with eating healthy food, taking supplements and breathing pure oxygen, so there are many potentials that I have not tapped into yet. I commit myself when and as my mind is producing thought like: “You are on the half path of your life and you will from now only become older with only lower capacities that you currently have.“ to stop and breathe. Instead of allowing to project the negative future in my mind, I make the best use of all the possibilities to increase my mental capacity and allow for new discoveries and potentials to assist me in expanding myself even more that I can currently imagine. 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to justify losing my interest in participaton of doing anything particular in this world due to seeing it as very unstable and unreliable with all the constant wars, financial crises, global pandemics, and possibly even worse catastrophic events in the future. I realize that the only constant in existence is change and that whenever I become attached to a certain form or pattern and project it in the future, I create an expectation and fear of change and loss that eventually results in a disappointment. I commit myself when and as I observe this world and my mind is producing thoughts like: “Look at how unpredictable this reality is and whatever you decide to do, there is a great probability that you plains will fail, so why even bother trying to do anything.“ to stop and breathe. Instead of being seriously attached to the expectation of a certain outcome, I take life easily, consider it more as a game where everything is constantly changing and where we all in time have to swap our bodies and expressions and where I am part of one as the life that can actually not be harmed by anything since there exists no one but itself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for living the character of a responsible and serious person who demands to be taken seriously, expects others to be equally serious, and does not tolerate being laughed at by others. I realize that I have limited myself by such a character that I have used it to compete with my brother for the attention of our parents since he decided to live the character of a funny person that is skilled at extracting laughs from others as part of his survival mechanism. I commit myself to when and as someone is laughing at me and my mind is producing thoughts like: “Look at how they are making fun of you and bullying you, so resent to anyone that is not taking you dead seriously all the time.” to stop and breathe. Instead of holding onto my polarity extreme of a serious expression, I balance it by equally applying also the expression of relaxation, fun, and laughter towards myself and others.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to interprete anyone laughing at me as an act of attack on me and taking it personally due to my past experiences in the secondary school where some classmates picked certain parts of my body and made fun of them which resulted in me started to think that there is something wrong with how I look. I realize that I was partially responsible for others bullying me since they were responding to my low self-esteem and my self-perception of intellectual superiority however their decision of communicating their discomfort about that was a reflection of their lack of treating me as one and equal and a projection of their own insecurities and experiences of being bullied by others. I commit myself when and as someone laughs at me and my mind is producing thoughts like: “They are laughing for the purpose of bullying you so it is valid to feel uncomfortable and spite towards them.” to stop and breathe. Instead of allowing for words, sounds of actions to have influence over my emotions and self-image, I join laughing with them since some even say that a laugh a day keeps the doctor away and even I actually enjoy watching comedy on a regular basis very much.

Some additional related supportive educational audios from the Eqafe website:

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