10 March 2012

2012 Masturbation experience change report

I have been masturbating for many years regularly and it has been a sort of stress relief tool for me. Whenever I would become bored or tired of work, I would feel a desire to masturbate. In past couple of years since I started my Desteni process of self-realization, I have been experimenting with masturbation in order to transcend this habit. I year ago for example I managed not to masturbate for several months, but then I started again. Though I would consider the advice not to use any pornographic material while masturbating as much as possible.

In time the desire to masturbate would slowly diminish and due to habit of wanting to become more relaxed I often forced myself into masturbation in order to experience the energy of orgasm. Some times just stroking my penis would not be enough so I assisted myself by watching pornographic movie in order to become stimulated enough to activate orgasmic release. But for the last couple of weeks my penis became desensitized to extent that solely stroking penis would become a feeling not much different like stroking my finger or any other part of my body. So from my penis being a joy stick where touching would activate energy of extremely big pleasure, now these energies do not activate anymore and the penis does not erect after stroking it up and down.

I find this condition a great relief since I do not become horny anymore and do not need any energetic release that is explained to function as a fuel to ones mind-consciousness system. I am though a bit worried if stopping masturbation will somehow decrease my ability to have sex since some say that erecting penis and ejaculating from time to time keeps penis functional and in form. I worry that the skin around my penis head would loose its elasticity and volume so that when I would have sex and erect penis in future, the skin would not be able to move over the penis head and would inflict pain at sex penetration.

Anyway, I currently do not have any desire for sex so I will wait until the next sex opportunity emerges and see what happens then. Certainly if one observes the act of sex it is a very violent act since two bodies rub each other forcefully. I remember how painful the head of penis becomes right after I experience orgasm and ejaculation, so maybe this is a true physical feeling that is masked by the mind energy of good feeling until the ejaculation happens. And for the sake of pure practicality, we can see that functionality of sex penetration is purely for the sake of producing children and nothing more.

So from this perspective I do not need sex penetration anymore until I find some partner and we both decide to have some children. And since sex also takes a lot of time, especially if it has been executed several times per week or even couple of times per day, not having sex is extremel big time saver. One can then use all that spare time for something more productive, like changing the system and making this world the best place for all.

There has also been a change in regards to my feeling in the head, the blood pressure and it is all connected to breathing. I have been noticing for past several months, how sometimes my head or brain feels like tired or on low pressure. This feeling manifests often where there is a sunny cloudless weather with high air pressure. Especially in occasions like that I have been noticing, how my breathing is influencing the feeling in my head and how deep breath or stoping my breath is directly and strongly influencing my blood pressure and the feeling in my head. So I have to pay attention on my breathing constantly and direct it properly in order to keep my body stable.

This concludes my report of changes that I have been noticing in regards to my physical body. I might mention that I have also started to drink tea and hot chocolate with Ganoderma Lucidum healing mushroom two weeks ago since I got involved in another direct selling or multi level marketing business with Organo Gold brand. It could be that this Ganoderma, that is also called Reishi in Japan and Ling Zhi in China, is also influencing my physical body and triggering some reactions. And I have also made some big decisions in regards to my business that could also be a mental contributors to how I experience myself. There could be many factors that I am not aware of that influence me, including removal of some interdimensional systems from humanity that people at Desteni perform. But what matters most is that I walk my process and perfect myself constantly so that life on Earth can become more pleasant for me as for others.

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