12 April 2013

Day 12: Sleeping habits self-correction

  1. I commit myself to when and as I notice that I am tired, I go to bed and take a nap without indulging in watching movies that just entertain my mind and function as distraction.

  2. I commit myself to when and as I go to sleep, I set the alarm clock to the latest time when I have to get up and if I wake up earlier, I go out of the bed without checking the clock and start my daily routine.

  3. I commit myself to when and as I look at the watch or clock during the day, I do this purely in order to estimate how much time I have to the next meeting and do not allow to be influenced about how I feel by the time indicator.

  4. I commit myself to when and as I read or hear some information in regards to sleep, I put in on practical test and see if it really work.

  5. I commit myself to research what the act of sleeping really represent from perspective of life and align my sleeping pattern in order to best support my life and be as much effective as possible in regards to agenda of making this world a better place for all.

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