06 April 2013

Day 6: Someone stole my windscreen wiper

You can find my Day 5 blog post in my Slovenian blog

Yesterday it was raining and I had to make a delivery in the town. I decided to take my car that has been parked for couple of days around the corner of nearby building. When I started driving and turned on the windscreen wipers, I was shocked since instead of wiper wiping the raindrops off the windscreen, I bare steel wiper handle scratched the glass. Someone has stolen my wiper! It was friday evening and the car repair shop was already closed. So I decided to make a delivery in spite of my wipers being broken.

After delivery I decided to go to the nearest gas pump and check out if they have the wipers on stock. The pump girl asked me what length of wipers do I need. I did not know that, so I firstly checked the car instructions and there was also no information about that. So I call the car assistance telephone number and asked for the data.

I told them the car brand and model and the operator asked if I need the information for the right or the left wiper. I said that my car has only one wiper handle, but the operator insisted that my car model has two handles. I then checked the wiper again and found out that in deed my car model had two handles, but they did not only steal the wiper from the handle, but completely broke off the second metal handle and I did not notice that in the first place since I was quite under shock. So I decided to wait for the next morning and drive my car to the car shop immediately when they open at 8 am.

After arriving to the car shop next morning, I told the shop receptionist what happend and if they can assist me. They did not had the handle for my car model on stock so I placed an order and it is expected to be delivered on Monday afternoon. This quite thwarted my business plans since I expected to do several business house meetings on Sunday. I will have to see if it will stop raining tomorrow and if I will be able to do the visits in spite ob broken wipers. And the total wipers repair costs is estimated to be about 100 €, so I am also not very happy about additional unexpected cost.

Now I am thinking about if I shall report this car part theft and damage to the police or if this is such a small event they they would not want to bother. Then I am thinking that if it would be better to always park my car in the front of my house where I can see it from my windows and where it would also be near a security camera of nearby Italian embassy. I am thinking about who and why did someone do this to me, if this was a targeted act or a random theft and why they not only stole both wipers but also broke one wiper handle that they would also not be able to use or sell since it is broken.

I am angry that someone did this damage to my car that will take my time and money to restore. Was this a pure vandalism? Did someone see the wipers as opportunity to get some valuable object that could be sold and exchanged for drugs or something? And what can I do now to prevent similar event to happen in the future?

  1. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to become shocked when I noticed that my car wipers are not as I would expected to be, since anything can happen with any object that I possess and am surrounded with, especially since they are accessible also to other beings in my community.

  2. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to worry about what might happen to my possession in the future instead of realizing that everything in this physical existence is subject to change and under influence of many forces, events and beings that are part of this world.

  3. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed not to realize that everything on this world is borrowed to me just for a short time from birth to death and when I die I will leave everything behind so it is best all the time to be aware of that fact and not get attached to anything outside of me.

  4. I commit myself to all the time focus on my breath and observe my surrounding as it is in this very moment and accept the current state pf physical reality without any expectations about how it should be.

  5. I commit myself to always work only with what is here and use the endless opportunities to reach my goals and objections in any possible way that is available.

  6. I commit myself to change the world system so that it will support all basic needs of all living being in this world by implementing Equal Money System that will also remove the need of theft or taking away the possessions of other in order to support oneself.

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