04 April 2013

Day 4: A TV production crew will shoot my portrait

You can find my Day 3 blog post in my Slovenian blog

I am very excited since in half an hour I expect a TV production crew to arrive at my apartment. They intend to shoot a video portrait of my personality. Final product will be a 5-minute long movie but expected time of video recording in my apartment and in nearby park is to be about 6 hours. The edited video is to be aired on about 18th of April 2013 in a new TV show on our biggest commercial TV stations.

The reason they decided to do a movie portrait of me is because a couple of weeks ago I sold one of the last pieces of my professional video equipment to the nearby video production company that shoots ads and show for several national TV stations. It was the young director of Studio Produkcija who ordered me to bring the video equipment for display and at that time I also gave him my business card.

Later this director checked out my web site and noticed a series of my 30 short videos where I explained different perspectives about human mind, feelings and emotions in order for prospect who seek psychological counseling and coaching to know more about my approach and decide to book a meeting with me. Director became very impressed about the videos and decided to call me since they are just producing a new TV show with a multiple times awarded radio host Denis Avdič.

I expect the airing of my video portrait will assist me in expanding my public recognition and this could result also in getting more customers for my Zakladi življenja business and preparation to my planned political career of implementing Equal Money System. So my transition from being on the back of the camera while working for about 10 years as professional photographer, to becoming one of the characters on the front of cameras is becoming more and more real.

Let us now see how the shooting will turn out and what will be the final product and its effect on my business and public opinion.


  1. let's see what it will bring. A wonderful opportunity! Breathe for stability. Keep us posted. Thanks.

  2. Great post..keep it up these info are interesting.!!!!