14 April 2013

Day 14: My believes in regards money analysis

Day 13 is in my Slovenian blog

Yesterday when I woke up and was still in bed I had a few hours of talk with my girlfriend to become more aware about my accepted believes that limit my life and that I inherited mostly from my parents. I talked for hours and became more aware of many of this thinking patterns.

The most limiting believes are in regards money, values and wealth. These believes sabotage my life in a way where I do not allow the larger money flow into my life. But I do not accept this anymore and push myself in order to overcome this limitations.

One of the related points is also the ability to work and collaborate in a group. One alone is able to generate only a limited income and in order to earn more money, there is basically no other option but to learn how to work as a team in a network or company of several or more people.

And besides limited believes in regard money, the important point is also to know how to handle the money. This includes discipline to track all the money incomes and outcomes, generated profit or money currently available and fixed monthly costs. Some believes that I got from observing my father:

  1. You have to physically work hard in order to earn money
  2. Rich people got their money only by dirty business
  3. If you have a lot of money, you will get corrupt
  4. Don't count your money, just do your work best
  5. Surprise others by producing before they even order
  6. What others think about you is very important
  7. Do not stick your nose in other people's business
  8. If you care mostly for yourself, you always be just fine
  9. Do what you like, follow your excitement
  10. Best to work alone since other people are terrible
  11. Don't ask what others want, do what you think is best
  12. Eat well, enjoy, have fun, since life is short
  13. Respect the law, since your public image is very important
  14. You are just a small man, so you have to care for yourself
  15. Do not load to much work, have a quiet simple life

Now I am pushing myself to transcending those limiting believes. I have started to work in several international and local groups to learn how to collaborate. I care to ask for other people's perspective before I do projects. I have engaged in business that will generate more money.

But there are still believes in me that needs to be removed. These believes make me bed when trying to sell a product with high value or price. I try to innovate and change things that work well and make them work not so well anymore. I still have resistance in regards keeping up to date records of all my money transitions. And when I get enough money I loose my motivation to work in till I am again short of money.

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