30 December 2010

2010 - My lectures about Desteni and self-forgiveness announcement

There is a guy who created a Slovenian web site with content that expose world inequality, New World Order, Chemtrails and similar stuff. I met this guy in person firstly at the Slovenian conference "Let us create the world of peace of love" this summer, where I also introduced Desteni. After he has been following my FaceBook posts for several month, he has recently invited me to have a lectures about Desteni for young students in Slovenia and I confirmed his invitation with great joy. I am to hold the lecture at the Youth Center in Škofja Loka city on 9. February 2011 at 8pm.

The other lecture that I am planing to execute is on 2. February 2011 at 5pm at Vita Center in Naklo village which is the very popular wellness center not far from large Kranj city. I have been teaching Taijiquan a few years ago in this centre so I asked them if they are interested for me to hold a lecture there and they were very fun of that idea. This was the first available date and since I will have only 90 minutes time to speak, I am to introduce only the tool of self-forgiveness this time and share the rest of the information about Desteni in the next available dates. 

A few days ago Blaž came with his suggestion at Desteni Slovenija forum to create the flyers with the short information about what Desteni stands for in form of a questions and answers, written in the youth slang of his generation and his geographic region. He expects to gain attention from his schoolmates and other young people around were he lives and studies. I read what he wrote and I considered it cool for the described purpose, and I suggested also to design a flyer with the text in the common Slovenian language that would be acceptable and understood by people of all the generations in our country.

Now the point that came up regarding all this actions was how do we introduce ourselves to others, are we allowed to introduce ourselves as members of Desteni or members of Desteni Slovenia, or do we need to request any special permission from Desteni administration. I want to avoid any possible blame, finger pointing and judgement due to misunderstanding, since Vitan already suggested Blaž that he should not print his leaflets in the name of Desteni but as one of the individuals who are joined in the Desteni group. And I want to be sure if there are any objections about me introducing Desteni to groups of people in Slovenia who are searching for the ways to self-realize themselves.

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