04 December 2010

2010 - Repeating strong vertigo research

I have been again experiencing extremely strong vertigo today and I want to find the reason for it in order not to be repeated again. This kind of vertigo started to appear about two years ago and it repeated a couple of times a year. The last vertigo I experienced, and which was the worst so far, lasting and only slowly diminishing in the period of one week, happened 12. October 2010, and I wrote about it this blog post, which I also posted in my blogs thread at Desteni Open Forum:

I expected to receive some support, but I did received no comment whatsoever. Today I searched for the Desteni Open Forum and found this relevant thread, started 23. October 2010 from Georg Haeussler:


Marlen suggested writing and applying self-forgiveness on the points, related to experiencing the vertigo again in order to regain self-directive principle. Ann suggested to check for infected teeth since it can make the balance fall away. Brett suggested to research fo Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome since it is often misdiagnosed as just vertigo. Rebeca shared her experience of nausea to be related to judgment of the people around her and how she stopped it using breath. Georg added that blood sugar level also places a role since the vertigo episodes tend to be more severe if he hadn't eaten in a while. Ralf explained that many of vertigos come from very small particles in your inner ear, suggested to investigate http://www.neuro24.de/s3.htm article, explained how muscle tensions in the neck and related parts in your back is another possibility and shared his experience of vertigo for more than a year coming and going until he realized that the reason was biting his tooth together under stress and while sleeping and that the big picture of every illness is a result of your belief system, starting with a though till it manifests as a sub system in your mind conscious system, till this finally affects your body.

I am going to check my blood at the doctor on Monday, research my mind-patterns possibly related to vertigo and write it in my next blog and I would like to ask everyone, especially Bernard and Sunette/Resonances to give me any additional feedback in order to point out the cause for my vertigo, so I am posting this blog post also to Desteni Subscription Forum.

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  1. Hey Thank you 4 the invitation. A lot is going on in your life. i read this one and few other of your blogs. Did you find the reason 4 your vertigo. Sorry i don't know much. Did you notice what were you doing right before or near the time you got vertigo. From my experience i get dizzy if i am tired & i don't have enough fresh air, also if i get high fever. & if i just wake up and i get up out bed fast and start walking i can get so dizzy i can hardly lay back in bed. Glad that this happen very rarely to me. Getting out of bed i learned that i need to wait few sec. cos i am very often late for work :)

    All i can remember its more about dizzy, vertigo sounds something much stronger.

    i don't know how to finish :) like i wanted to say: hope you get free from vertigo. I used hope word a lot in the past only last few months, i started to realize its not such a good word as i most of life thought it was.
    All the best in getting rid of vertigo :)