28 December 2010

2010 - Reactions in regards liking on the FaceBook

One of the noticeable reactions that manifested as itching sensation on my skin today was when I was liking the new posts of Destonians on my FaceBook latest feeds. I decided to click all the "I like it" buttons on the feeds, starting from the top and moving down all the way to the feed that I liked the last time. It all went fine when I was liking the Desteni Productions new videos that others shared since I have already watched them, but when I liked some FaceBook feed that I have not read yet, I felt the itching sensation on the skin. This was clearly due to the suppression of my secret mind that launched some concerning thoughts.

The thoughts were asking me if I am in titled to like the posts of others that I have not watched or read yet. This is the point of self-honesty and following certain principle. I want to be totally hones, you know, the typical nice guy, reliable and stable in application, and every single action of mine is connected to some principle. The principle I followed was to like only the content that I processed. I wanted others to understand that when I like some content, this action is a indubitable evidence that I processed the liked content. This point is of course again the part of my perfectionistic personality construct.

But when I reached the first content that I did not process yet, I had to make a decision. I was either to process the content and then like, or skip the content and not like, or to like it regardless of me not processing it. The memory appeared about how I noticed that Cathy regularly liked my posts and the FaceBook displayed the notifications that she liked several posts one after another in several seconds. This is why I concluded that she just browsed my wall and quickly liked my post without actually watched or read every liked content. So I concluded that she is not liking the content based on the principle of confirming that she actually processed it, but only to give me a formal support.

I understand liking some content either on YouTube or FaceBook can have different starting points. Some do like only the content after they have processed it, but only if they actually liked the content, some process the content and then like it in order to show support, and some do actually not process the content fully but like it anyway. Of course there are also those who process the content and do not press the "I like it" button, even if they actually like it. There are many Desteni administration instructions about how to support the ranking and exposure of our content, so I can not know for granted if everyone that liked my content also actually gave the effort to process it fully. With regards to Cathy this is the impression I got.

So when I stumbled upon the content that I did not process yet, I was in dilemma what action to take. Would it be valid to simply like the post of Destonians even if I did not process it? Does everybody expect and prefer for others to like their content only after processing it? I want to be hones and not to deceive other, so what would be the best way for me to proceed? Of course I could contact everybody about their point of view regarding this question, but that would take a lot of time and then I would have to keep record about what every single one preferred in order to act in accordance to their expectations.

However I did not stop and come to any conclusion but I continued to like the posts, including the ones that I did not process. This was my unconscious procedure and thus produced suppressed friction and hot energy that I felt like an itching sensation on the skin. Fucking nasty feeling that I would like to avoid. So this blog post is to defuse the inner conflict in order to stop my emotional reaction regarding this point. In order not to be in dilemma what my liking of some content would mean, I need to come to clear decision and stick to that decision in order to establish myself as a stable and reliable part of this reality.

The most prominent decision would be to like only the content that I actually processed and actually liked. But there is also the argument that it is best to like every Destonian content simply because we should give each other maximum support possible due to pressing the like button is not such physically hard or time consuming and you assist others for their content to receive better ranking and exposure. Bernard in some video explained that "not liking something is always point of ego, since what is best for all is not debatable". Until we establish the equal system, it is best to use all possible support options in order to promote equality and follow the Desteni instructions since I am not able to clearly see what is best for all at this stage.

So I am going to like YouTube videos, Desteni process blogs and FaceBook posts from the starting point of supporting fellow Destonians to get better ranking and exposure and thus promoting equality system with best effect possible. So my action of liking some Destonian content will not indicate that I actually processed the content. I might have done so, but I also might have not. The only indication that I actually processed the content will be by comment. I am going to post the comment, at least the word "Watched" if the content would not bring any strong point on the surface, and I will comment more extensively on the videos and blogs that I find very relevant and supporting regarding the points in my process. This is how the Desteni instructions are and if someone will think that I actually processed every liked content, then the wrong impression will exist until someone explain what our agreements are. However I will continue to use the like function as it was intended to be used by their creators for the content of Non-Destonians.
  1. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to suppress the points and moving forward without stopping and clearing the points and thus producing friction and energy that is harming my physical body and time-looping, instead of realizing that I can not escape from facing and defusing every single point of accepted and allowed belief that is not aligned with the principle of equality and what is best for all.

  2. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to label as liked only the content that my mind likes, and not what is agreed that is best for all, instead of realizing that my mind is a one-dimensional trap and that beauty and attraction of perceived harmony due to alignment with the Golden Rule and Fibonacci Sequence are only the deceptive bars of the mind-consciousness prison.

  3. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to assume that the actions of others mean certain thing, instead of making the connection with the relevant person and actually finding out what is really going on by asking the direct question.

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