21 March 2011

2011 - First week after returning from Desteni farm report

It has been 7 days since I came back from Desteni farm in South Africa, so I decided to share what was going on in past several days.

I arrived to Ljubljana airport exactly to the minute on time. My father awaited me with his wan to pick me up. On the way to home, he asked me why were all bald on the farm and why do horses have some kind of cover on their heads, since he watched all the photos that I have been publishing periodically on my FaceBook profile. I explained him all the reasons of shaving the head as the symbol for world equality and to stop polluting water, and that horse eyes need protection from flies and worms. I was glad that he showed interest in what we at Desteni do, so within following discussion I also explained him the details of Equal Money System and how it will bring dignified life for all living being in this world.

Otherwise it was a very big contrast regarding the weather. From hot Desteni farm, where there was only occasional short showers and 40°C in recent days, it is about 10°C here, total cloudy and misty sky and it rained constantly for four days. It was only on Saturday when the sky cleared and disclosed nearby mountains with white snowy caps. So very refreshing change. Thus after one month of not much recreation, I went yesterday with my friend to a nearby hill, and I lost my condition so much, that my legs hurt quite much. Today is also the first day of calendar spring and the typical flowers like yellow Trumpet Flower is flourishing everywhere.

Before I left Slovenia, I ordered the most powerful and largest iMac and they told me that delivery time will take one month. And I also ordered the upgrade to latest Adobe Creative Suit 5 Master Collection software and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Home & Office. So when I returned, all the ordered stuff was already delivered to my father and I spent few days only installing and researching the new hardware and software. Of course I will need to spend many hours before I learn how to master all the new tools and this is a big challenge that awaits me, since I decided to go for the biggest software collection that includes tools for creating vector designs, set long books, retouch photos, edit videos, animations, master sound, create web sites, so practically every product that can be watched and heard.

On Friday evening I went to listen Tomo Križnar, who is our famous world traveller and is fighting for human rights, especially in the area of Sudan and Dar Fur. He shared his latest feedback from that region and at the end I bought his book titled "Oil and water" and a movie DVD "Darfur - War for water". I also talked to him and shared the information about Desteni solutions and I will also call him for a meeting in order to explain him the details about Desteni plans to practically manifest heaven on earth. I will give some more details about projects of Tomo Križnar in one of my following blog post.

On Saturday one of my friends invited me to go to the annual fair called "Altermed" in Celje city, which is dedicated to alternative medicine, new age and healthy lifestyle. It was one and a half hour highway drive with my car. I made connections to many people and gave them the brochure that I made that includes short description of my personal experiences and links to my profiles, blogs, vlogs and Desteni web sites. There are several annual fairs that promote solutions for better life in our country, and they are very cool opportunities to share information. I have been also considering to start participating in these fairs with own stand where Desteni could be officially introduced. Especially after Desteni accessories, like T-shirts and similar products will be created, they could be cold on these fairs and promote Desteni I Process and Equal Money System as the best solutions to fix this world.

But basically my next step is to move to Ljubljana city. I will now start to search for some apartment to rent. The best option would be, if I would find some female that would be willing to be my agreement that already lives in Ljubljana, or if we would move together to new apartment. I would like this person to be involved in Desteni process, but there are not many females from Slovenia currently involved. I have found couple of them and I plan to meet them, so I will see what options are there. I will continue to make my living with business of graphic design and photography, maybe also videography, and in the fall, I plan to start study of psychology that takes three years to finish the basic level.

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