29 March 2011

2011 - Landmark Education / Forum - a Destonian perspective

In my previous blog I have described how I have been introduced with the information about Landmark Forum, which is a flagship course from Landmark Education global company. While we were waiting for Zeitgeist meeting to start on past Saturday, I noticed one girl at the bar of tea shop and asked her if she is also waiting for the start of the Zeitgeist meeting. She answered that she is preparing herself to give a three hour basic presentation of Landmark Forum to couple of people in the next room. I asked her if she can shortly describe what the course is about and she described it as life coaching program to free yourself from limitations of the mind and to transform and gain control of your life. I told her that I am involved in the course with similar effect and that I would like to know more about Landmark Forum. She offered to give our group a basic presentation in the following days, and I gave her my leaflet with information about Desteni, to check out what Desteni I Process is about and share her perspective about differences between both courses.

Later after Zeitgeist meeting started, one of participants shared that he also passed the Landmark Forum course and that he benefited greatly. I started to read his blog one year ago and firstly had impression that he started blogging as part of Desteni course, but after I commented and shared my perspective about what is emotional energy and the difference between life and energy, he told me to stop commenting, since he writes his blog to express his own opinions and is not interested in Desteni. Now he came to Zeitgeist meeting and was the most influential talker, since he talked all the time and the words were flowing from his mouth fluidly and constantly. He perceived himself as free from the mind, and spoke about how he can go within in the space, where he is able to feel connected with everything, where he can experience oneness.

Yesterday I decided to check the Landmark Forum by myself and found their web site on the internet. I watched the introduction videos and read the description of the course. Video clip of one lecture for example share the story about someone who stumbled upon the group of people who were doing stone work. After he asked some depressed guys what they were doing, they answered: "We are chipping stones". And then he asked some guy who was very cheerful the same question and got the answer: "I am building a cathedral". This was to be an example of how our happiness is not based of what we physically do in this world, but is linked to our ability of seeing the different context of what we are doing. So we are suppose to be able to live happily in every moment simply by changing the definition of what we are doing to fit some acceptable context.

Now one has to understand that there are many ways of becoming successful and happy. Books like The Secret explain some concepts, and the world is full of courses that explain how this world system works and how everyone can earn a lot of money and fulfill its desires by following certain rules. Also the whole new age spiritual movement is based on creating a happy and successful person, together with all religions, gurus, enlightened and ascended masters, angels and love and light message. It is all about building a consciousness where you create yourself a world of bliss and nice feeling as the ultimate goal that one can achieve. The message is that you do not need to care about others, that you are responsible only for yourself and that you only need to enjoy and allow others who suffer enough time for them to eventually come to the same ultimate realization.

However in spite of the cool looks of this types of solutions, they are in fact the ultimate deceptions. None of this paths is able to bring the awareness of how the reality operates and that we are all equally responsible for everything that we accept and allow in every single moment. The mind is a smokescreen where you are able to sell you self-responsibility and receive the energy of good feelings in return. In represent the tool of separation where you are able to live in you separate self-created reality and become the god in your imaginary existence. It gives you the impression of success, while in reality you are destroying your true physical self and this physical world that is the only true and universal reality. This is why in spite of all numerous spiritual teachings and self-empowerment programs, the level of poverty and physical violence is increasing and the whole world is being destroyed with the speed as never before.

I have met a guy recently with son who can in fact see auras. There is much deception about what aura is and most of devices that can read your aura is deception. While spirituality is defining the aura as emanation of life-force energy, is is in fact the emanation of mind-consciousness system. The mind is a trap, and the one with the most intensive aura is in not enlightened and freed, but trapped in the most subtle and invisible jail ever conceived. They have also researched the effect of the Landmark Forum course and concluded that it is the way of programming you in order to stay trapped in the mind for good. You become a better abuser and self-deceiver, receive a big rewards from the world economic system, while at the same time you allow others to have less and less, until they eventually die from hunger.

So I warn you to go away from all kind of self-empowerment programs, that do not care about all the living beings in this world. You will eventually not be able to live with yourself if you allow anyone in existence to have too little, while you have too much. Research the Desteni I Process life coaching program that is the only education in this world that cares about what is best for all. You will find out about actual blueprint of the mind and receive the effective functional tools to discover and remove all the accepted and allowed definitions, believes and ideals that separate us from each other. Desteni is the only organization that came up with the solution to fix also our greedy economic system with suggestion of Equal Money System. So if you are serious about bringing a better world, research the Desteni solutions, stand up for life as one and equal, begin true activism by blogging and vlogging and thus becoming the real change that you have been waiting for.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Valentin. I went to some seminars of Landmark Forum about 10 years ago. Like the example you share, it is basically teaching you to manipulate yourself using the preconceived definitions you have attached to things in your mind system, thus it is not Real Freedom, like is shared at Desteni, where the mind system is explained so you can become one and equal to it, and not be manipulating yourself through it, as that is self-delusion.

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful post. I will continue to view the various personal development courses, as they attempt to improve upon common sense.