23 March 2011

2011 - Running out of time for doing all the things that I plan

My experience at Desteni farm while I was staying there was that a day is very long, and I had a lot of time to do many things. Well in fact I was there on holidays, the internet was slow, and I focused on my process and resting. From beginning the days passed slowly, but towards the end, I had perception that days go bye very quickly. And there were a lot of people and animals and a large space to move around.

Now when I returned, I am back in the upper apartment at my father's house, rooms and surrounding area seems so small, I am alone and I have to make decisions, make plans and execute it all by myself. I have here a fast internet, new computer and software, and many things to do. And there is also father who wants me to do designs for his clients occasionally. I constantly do something, a day goes bye so quickly, but I have perception that I have done nothing, that I am not moving anywhere. These are some of many things that I can do:

Daily errands:
- checking and answering new Gmail messages
- checking and answering new FaceBook messages
- checking new Twitter feeds and interesting links
- checking Desteni Slovenia open forum
- checking Desteni open forum
- checking Desteni subscription forum
- checking Desteni private forum
- checking Desteni money forum
- checking Desteni DIP forum
- checking Desteni demons forum
- checking Desteni YouTube channels
- watching, liking, commenting and sharing new Desteni video
- liking Destonian blogs and vlog
- inviting 16 new people to follow my blog
- watching and commenting interesting Destonian blog and vlogs
- writing blogs
- writing backchats
- shooting vlogs
- doing Desteni I Process assignments
- preparing food, eating, washing dishes
- shaving, taking shower
- shitting, pissing
- responding to FaceBook chat request
- commenting on several FaceBook groups
- asking potential people for FaceBook friendship

Occasional errands:
- participating at Desteni chats twice a week
- washing and ironing laundry once a week
- visiting grandmother once a week
- meeting with new people several times a week
- doing photo and design work for my father
- visiting fairs and lectures

Current errands:
- learning how to use new iMac hardware and OS
- learning how to use new Adobe Creative Suite software
- organizing things from moving into father's apartment
- searching for new apartment in Ljubljana
- informing myself how to best run business in Ljubljana
- translating Equal Money Book
- applying for psychology study
- doing extra White Light mind construct
- developing Desteni accessories business
- dating/searching for partner/agreement/wife
- considering establishing my own farm

Lately I gave priority to research new computer and software, especially video editing software, I like very much sharing new Desteni videos and communicating with my FaceBook friend and sharing relevant Desteni links, I make sure to do all my Desteni I Process assignments, I regularly follow Desteni Subscription forum and watch all unlisted videos, I also started to participate in private chats and do some blogs. But I am short of time for producing vlogs and participating on forums. I feel a bit confused and uncertain due to plan of moving to Ljubljana and starting business and additional study there. I have to decide where to move, to how large apartment, how much do I want to pay, will I be living there alone, or will I be able to find some partner to move in together. Every day I meet new people, additional potentials are created and I have to decide about everything all over again. I want to be as effective as possible, do my process, support others and also support myself financially. So if someone has I magic formula, how to slow down the time, please let me know.

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