30 March 2011

2011 - Walking process alone vs. walking in the group

There are many ways of self-realization in this world. We all experience many things in daily life which assist us at realization how we function and how this world functions. We act and we see the results of our action. The speed of self-realization process depends of how one is dedicated to research the depths of self and world system. Throughout history there have been some people that reached very high level of self-realization and there are also some in the current time period. Each one had different background, unique experiences and environment that enabled him high speed of understanding which action leads to which consequence. But why were there only so little self-realized people, and why were they not able to influence the world in the way to stop the violence and destruction of fellow beings and this planet?

We all know the story of some guy by name Jesus Christ, who brought the suggestion of doing onto other what you would like others to do onto you, of loving your neighbor as thyself, but why is this message still not lived practically in this world? He was not aware of complete design of human mind and what is need to fee yourself from influence of unconscious thoughts, and his message has been used and abused in order for some individuals to gain great wealth and high social position, while totally ignoring the practical living of what Jesus has taught. The whole religious system, with new age spirituality has become nothing but a bunch of beautiful words, nice emotional feelings, expectations of some magical savior and beliefs about perfect life after death. It is basically not supporting the individual to gain self-realization, but offers only promises of enlightenment and ascension, while in facts contributes for individual to become more and more trapped in the mind.

After 10 years of research and experience of world religions and other paths of self-realization, I have not been able to find any group or source of information that would honestly and in detail provide information about why is the world the way it is, how have I become the way I am, and what is the solution for all to live in harmony on this magnificent planet, until one and half year ago, when I met Desteni. It is the collection of information and tools where I have experience the absolute level of honesty and functionality to remove everything that has been eating me from within, and is also contains the solution to fix the world economic system that is driving us towards destruction of living beings and resources. The tools of Desteni have helped me to become more emotional stable and aware of what is really here in every moment of my breath. It also supported me to realize the big picture and how I am equally responsible for everything that is going on in this world. Desteni learned on mistakes of self-realized beings in the past and is making sure to improve the approach in order to guarantee the success.

Ok so you might now say: “Cool, I am happy for you, but I decided to walk my process on my own. The path of self-realization is not important, since eventually we will all get to the finish.” Well, really? All you have is this life, this physical body that will be no more when you die. How do you know with certainty what will happen to you at the time of death? Will you be able to reincarnate and continue with you process of self-realization in your next life? Will you not forget the same way as you did when you were born in this body? So better than guessing is to walk this life with the maximum effect and use the most effective tools. Thus I suggest you to research Desteni and experience the effectiveness of its tools that you will receive throughout the Desteni I Process life-coaching program. And even if you walk your own path and become self-realized, enlightened, what then?

Understand that we are all one and that no one can become self-realized until we are all self-realized. Each of us is a part of existence, and each of us is co-creating this existence. So you will not be able to live here and enjoy yourself until beings will exist that will want to harm you or exploit you. Heaven on earth can be practically manifested only if we support and respect each other equally. So when you become self-realized, you will not be able to bear the view on fellow being who suffer. You will try to help them in order for them also to become self-realized. And this is exactly the reason why Desteni was established. You as individual do not have any significant power to change this world. Only if you connect with people who have the same goal and all walk as one, then there is a chance of success. So of you are serious at changing the world, the best way to do that is to join the group of Destonians, who are people from all over the world who walk as based on the principle of what is best for all, common sense and mathematical equation 1+1=2. Support you self-realization by walking the Desteni I Process and support the peaceful political democratic introduction of Equal Money System that represents the first step of providing dignified life for all living beings on this planet. Join us. Together we can do it!

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  1. Cool post. It's common sense that working in a group as an equal is much more effective than egoism. If one doesn't understand that we're all part of the same group here on Earth - that's because of the separation though the mind as ego.