27 March 2011

2011 - Group of Slovenian people with a kid who can see aura

Yesterday was extremely fascinating day with two very interesting meetings. I departure from my home at 7:30 and at 7:50 picked up a new female friend at Kranj city. We then continued highway to the second largest Slovenian city Maribor, where there was suppose to star a meeting of Zeitgeist Slovenia group at 10:00 at Adam & Eve healing tea shop. One day back I also sent the invitation to all active members of Desteni Slovenia, since most of them live in or near Maribor city. I suggested for us to have the meeting at the same place at 12:00, since they wanted to hear my story about holidays at Desteni farm, but Blaž replied that he would also like to come to Zeitgeist meeting. We arrived a bit early, around 9:40, so I called Blaž if he needs any assistance to find the place. He said that there is no need, and that Vitan will pick him up, and that also Barbara and Ajda will come. So the time was 10:00, there was six of us there and one guy, who wanted to meet the Zeitgeist people for the first time, but no one from Zeitgeist leader came, thus we decided to start a chat.

At about 10:30 three guys from Zeitgeist arrived, and I already knew one of them. His name was Andrej, he is also from Kranj, the student of medicine, and his whole family is also involved in medicine. I introduced him with Desteni one year ago, he also writes a blog, but did not want to align his process with Desteni terminology. Since he was familiar with Desteni approach, he suggested a discussion where we would share our realization to contribute towards some solution for this world. Since there was also some girl in the tea shop, who prepared the presentation of the Landmark Forum education, he explained that he also greatly benefited from this education and that it assisted him to completely free himself from the mind. We discussed his perception, trying to establish if that was the fact, but due different terminology, that was not very easy. So we rather focused of developing the Zeitgeist project and how to include Desteni solutions. One of Zeitgeist members suggested the screening of Zeitgeist movie in the schools as the powerful presentation of world problems, and in the second part, Desteni I Process and Equal Money System would be presented as practical solution to fix those problems.

I had a next meeting at capital city Ljubljana at 16:00, and also Blaž and Barbara wanted to join, so we departure from Maribor at 14:00. In Ljubljana we met a group of new people and they invited us to have a peaceful chat in small gym of local elementary school, since they are having occasional recreation there. They were about 30 to 40 years old, one girl and three guys. I befriended girl Urša on the FaceBook a week ago, based on suggestion from Sunette. I noticed that she had a lot of Destonian friends already, and I became very excited about new Destonian from Slovenia. But when I send her a welcome message, she told me that she is part of the group who follow the Desteni Slovenia group from beginning, but they are walking the process on their own. She told me, that they are having a boy who is able to see aura, and that this is a reference point for them to get a feedback if they are successful in their process.

The oldest guy among them is also a leader and is supporting them occasionally with deliberate anger to shake them, similar to Bernard. The child that can se aura is in fact his son, that is now about 14 years old. He was a gym coach, and after he divorced, the aura of his son cracked and disappeared due to immense shock and thus he became able to see the aura of living beings and also objects. He then started to report his father that we are all robots, so basically he was able to see all the systems. Together they started to research and test what is the meaning of colors in the aura and what aura is. The son did not agree with the new age picture presentation and explanations of the meaning of chakras, positioned vertically and colored from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white as the path to ascension. Thus they developed a symbolic horizontal chart of characters of people, each one equal, but with different characteristics or nature, based on the color of their aura.

For example he explained that black aura is typical for the people who suck energy from others like vampires, and that a lot of those are among school teachers, so they come to school basically to drain children from their life energy. The orange color is typical for the women, who want to attract males with their physical appearance, so basically the whores. The green aura is typical for the people who doe not have a clue, what is going on, like a grown up version of children. Blue aura is typical for politicians and company leaders, who exploit others for their own benefit. The red aura is indication of awareness, where you become angry about the corrupt system. The white aura is typical for the ones who meditate and gurus, but this stage is very delicate, since you can get trapped in the mind. The final step is transparent aura or no aura.

They have checked thousands of people in this world, from politicians, gurus, and discovered that many are fakers and that most of religions and groups exist not for benefit of all, but only for personal and financial benefit of the leaders. Few years ago someone forwarded them a YouTube video with Sunette. When the son saw the video, he freaked out and screamed that this girl is dead! When father asked him, he explained that her aura is transparent, the same as the ghosts of dead people who visit him at night. But after his father explained that this girl is still alive, the son said that she is speaking pure truth on the videos. So this made them become interested in Desteni as the only point discovered, worth of trust in this world. And the other guy who does not have any aura is Michael Tsarion and they gave me the DVD of his movie titled The Architects Of Control that reveals the secret mass manipulation of the human mind.

But this meeting was also to give me the feedback. They showed me the printed photos from my FaceBook profile from different time periods. On the videos that I made one year ago, my aura was blue, this means that I was not living the words that I was talking. At the time before my visit to farm Desteni, my aura has been the color of red, and after I returned from the farm, already the half of my aura was missing. This is how they proved themselves that the Desteni tools of self-realization actually have effect, and that visit to the farm was also very beneficial for me. So the tools of self-forgiveness and self-corrective application are the main difference that will able to bring a great change to the masses.

The father however does not use the tool of self-forgiveness, since he is able to correct himself in a breath. This is due his extensive training in sports, where he used the tool of breathing to decrease his pulse. After he watched the Desteni video Self-Forgiveness as life, he immediately start to apply it. So when a point comes up, he skips the self-forgiveness and immediately utilizes self-corrective application. And he does that without the need of writing.

But what shocked the father later was discovering of fact, that his son is lying to him. Currently his son is in puberty and he became interested in girls. Father heard from someone that his son was in certain company in the city, but when the son returned home, and father asked him if he was with specific person, he denied. Since father knew that his son with transparent aura is lying to him, he went ballistic, and his son ran away and changed aura to red, as it should be. The son knew somehow how to remove all the colors of his aura in a kind of mechanic way, so it was not really valid. The son thus now decided to walk the process the way it should be, from the point of his true current realization.

What is interesting is the fact that loosing aura in not in fact the ultimate enlightenment. Aura represents only the conscious level of the mind. Father noticed that even after loosing the aura, he still emotionally reacted in some occasions, thus no aura is not the final thing. After loosing aura, there is the process of removing also the subconscious and unconscious level of the mind. This is why the process takes about 7 to 20 years, as predicted by Desteni. And then we also need to change the world economic system, with the introduction of Equal Money System. A long way is ahead of us, so let as many people as possible join Desteni and benefit from Desteni I Process which is definitely the most effective program for self-realization currently in the whole planet, now cross referenced also with help of boy from Slovenia who can really see the true auras of being and objects.


  1. Interesting day you had, Valentin!

    The aura colors - intriguing

  2. very intresting! Are one of them registered on the forum? if not they should come and register :P