01 April 2011

2011 - How disaster in Japan influenced me

When earthquake hit Japan a few weeks ago, a lot of production facilities were destroyed, and also the nuclear reactor got damaged extensively. A radioactive dust has escaped in the air and a few days ago, some sources reported that radioactive cloud is about to cross Slovenia country in Europe, and it was advised to stay inside the houses, wash clothes after you return from walking outside, and avoid eating vegetables from local area that were freshly picked.

Today I went to photo store to buy some photo accessories that I needed for to execute some ordered photo project, and I wanted to buy a studio flash units. The guy at the store told me, that there is a new model of flash, but it will be available not until fall. This is so because the flash factory that is located in Italy is using imported parts of electronic from Japan and they are now having troubles delivering the parts due to earthquake. The only option for me to get the flash units was to order the old model and in would be delivered in period of one week.

So this are just a few examples how events from another side of this planet influenced me. These are just a few examples of how we are all globally connected and interdependent, which makes us all equally responsible for everything that is going on in this world. The point here is that production of certain goods has become so narrowly localized, that some goods are produced only in few regions in this world, and if something happens in that region, we all get screwed. So why is this so, and how can we change this to enable better safety and independence from disasters around the world?

Currently every single decision in this world is influenced by money. So for example the nuclear power plant was build since the nuclear energy was cheaper, and it was build in the area which is known to be very earthquake active and in was thus deliberate decision to endanger the people only because of the profit. And the power plant was not build in in the way to withstand earthquakes in order so save money, so it collapsed when the force of nature stroke. The electronic parts of the studio flash head were also produce in Japan due to cheap labour force there, and transported all over the oceans only because of money. 

Since current money system drives us all towards stupid decision that eventually harm others and bring a lot of problems, like long delivery dates and pollution due to long transport routes, we need to stop this madness. And this is the reason why Desteni developed a solution of Equal Money System that will stop our unreasonable actions due to greed and profit. When Equal Money will be introduces, production facilities will be equally distributed all over the world in order to shorten the distribution routes. And the ways of producing energy will be picked based on the nature of the environment in each part of world, so it will create as little damaging impact on environment as possible and protect all living being equally. So support the peaceful democratic political introduction of Equal Money System as the necessary healing correction of our current global economic system.

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