24 April 2011

2011 - Silverpoint time share holidays & vacation club

A week ago some man called me on the phone and invited me to come to presentation of Silverpoint holidays program at Vila Bled hotel and they will give me a gift in form of dinner for two persons or something similar if I come. I explained the man that I am not going on holidays very much and that I am now focusing on projects to make myself and this world a better place. The man said that he is also interesting in knowing more about my projects, so I decided to come in order to spread the information about Desteni solutions to practically manifest heaven on earth.

So yesterday I went to Vila Bled which was the residence of the president of the ex Socialistic Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with name Josip Broz - Tito. Firstly some young woman registered me and checked my contact information and then some other young woman escorted me out to the next building with nice panoramic view on Bled lake, island and castle. Then we went to a big room with a lot of small round tables where singles or couples would chat with one of the representatives of the Silverpoint company. And there were a lot of big vertical posters, positioned all around the walls with attractive pictures of the Silverpoint holiday resorts around the world. So also the girl who was assigned to me and me picked one free table, fetched a drink and started the conversation.

She introduced herself, explained that the presentation will take about 90 minutes (in fact it took 3 hours) and that I their offer is valid only for today, so I will have to decide immediately if I want to take it or not. Then she continued by asking me some questions about my holiday habits and filled them by hand in the paper form. When we were done with profiling my vacation preferences, she started to give me details what Silverpoint is about. She showed me a lot of pictures of their resorts and made a financial compartment in order to convince me that their offer is the best in terms of financial savings and also in terms or superior quality of holiday resorts.

The point of Silverpoint is that you decide for a membership by which you become a life-time owner of one of the apartments in one of their resorts. And then you pay each year only a maintenance fee of about 300 €. So you then have the opportunity to go to that resort any time in whole year or rent your place to other people to use it while you are not there. And the best point is that you can exchange your apartment with any other location in Silverpoint network, so you that you are able to go to any Silverpoint resort in the world. The philosophy is to save money by not having to pay for all the fees, advertisements and manipulation costs that travel agencies charge, since Silverpoint actually buys the resorts and thus by owning it the costs of holidays dramatically reduces. They also take care that their resort are top quality, so at least 5 or even 6 stars.

While their female representative was explaining all this things to me, using words like 'beautiful', 'positive energy' and 'nice feelings' I started to explain her that beauty is only the accepted definition and when you define something as 'beautiful', you automatically also define other things as 'ugly' and thus create the separation and inequality in this existence. And in regards to feelings, they are all the energy, created by friction or conflict between reality and your accepted and allowed believes, ideals and definitions in your mind. So why creating the definition of some environment to be 'ugly' and 'exhausting' and then needing to have some 'beautiful holidays' somewhere far away, when you can simply breathe effectively, remain here and accept the current reality the way it is?

The concept of time-sharing locations is great, but why not sharing every single resource in this world equally among all living beings? I explained her that if she is really interested in providing everyone with the best and cheapest holiday experience, she should research and support the Equal Money System. This is a concepts where we would not need to buy propriety and then share it, since there will be no actual ownership anymore. And you will not need to work in exhausting conditions and fight to earn your money, since all your needs will be covered by the system. When her supervisor, that was an English speaking gentlemen, joined our table, I also explained him the Desteni vision of practically creating the heaven on earth, but he would not want to listen or take the my Desteni leaflet, arguing that he is fine with believing in god, doing some small charity and that changing this world is pure illusion.

But what is here impossible to do in this world? Silverpoint proved that when enough people join and support some solution, the quality of life increases and prices drop dramatically. So this is exactly what we are doing at Desteni. We are creating a global network of people who work together for the ultimate 'holidays' that will last from birth to death. We want to "own" the whole world and then we will have the whole planet available to share among each living being equally, so there will be no more scarcity, no more hunger and wars, but peaceful co-existence in perfect harmony. But firstly, the same way as the Silverpoint members, we have to invest in this paradise, and the Desteni I Process is the way to do it. We remove everything what separates us in our minds and then we remove all the laws that separate us from earth resources. So if you want to invest in the 'cheapest and most luxurious life-time holidays', I invite you to join Desteni that will enable the full unlimited expression of life on this world.

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