30 April 2011

2011 - Moving forward, slowly but effectively

For the past four days I felt extremely physically tired. The weather changed and the cold, cloudy and rainy days have started to influence my mood. While in the clear, warm and sunny weather I do not feel like lying in the bed during the day, I had no problems with extended resting and sleeping in past several days. I am living very comfortable life now, at the top apartment of my father's house, I have my own kitchen, separate bathroom and living room with computer, so I practically do not need to leave the apartment in order to work, because it is all related to internet. Since I also have a laptop computer, I sometimes wake up, grab the computer, answer messages and write Desteni I Process blogs without even standing up from the bed. And when I feel like taking a break, I simply close the computer and take a nap. So it can already be noon and I am still in the bed. And this does not mean that I have done no work, it is just that I even do not need to leave my bed in order to do the work.

Of course this kind of life is just temporary, since I will move to Ljubljana as soon as I find appropriate place to live and do my business. And I also plan to stop working alone, as a freelancer, but to employ at least one person. For the past 10 years I have worked alone because I perceived that employing someone would be too much struggle for me due to constant need of providing enough work that would bring sufficient income to pay off the salary to the employees. While living and working alone in my own apartment, I had a very little monthly costs, so I practically did not pay even the minimum salary for myself. If I would employ someone, the minimum salary with all the taxes would be so big that I would have to increase my income for at least 4 times in order to pay the worker.

But now I have different agenda. I have sold my apartment so I have enough money to invest in projects that will make this world permanently a better place for everyone. I have started to follow the words 'Give and you shall receive' and I am investing all my money into changing this system into Equal Money System that will provide equally for all living beings. I am starting a new licensed business of creating and selling Desteni promotional accessories and I expect that this business will return my investment many times in couple of years. Thus I plan to rent a house where there will be enough space to live and do the business and I plan to hire at least one person to assist me with this job. I search for company who will be able to create excellent online shop to sell the products worldwide and I will invite the best graphic designers to contribute their artworks for Desteni merchandising products.

So in the future I will change my focus from jobs where I had to do all the creative and computer relate work, into managing in organising the projects and let other people to do the finalisation of project details. I will also continue to work as and Desteni I Process recruiter that will also bring me large additional income in several years. And I will start writing a book 'What photography will be in an Equal Money System', as Bernard suggested. In order to write this book, I plan to do research and interviews with many people, involved in photography business in order to get the feedback of how photography has been influenced by money in past years and to picture out how it will change when fear of survival will be removed when equality system will be in place. And since I have purchased a professional video camera, as addition to this book, I consider to also produce a full documentary about the photography business. So many projects ahead that will keep me and many other people busy for many years.

Currently I am also testing different approaches of how to introduce as many people as possible with Desteni message and invite them to participate in Desteni I Process. For this purposes I created a FaceBook group 'Prakti─Źno ustvarjanje raja na zemlji' (Creating heaven on earth practically), and I invited many people to join the group by posting invitation to their wall. The number of group members started to grow very fast, but then I noticed that some have started to emotionally react to posted Desteni material and left the group. These were mostly older people and the lightworkers, so I learned only to invite younger people in this group, who have not too many pretty pictures in their profiles. And I have wrote a detailed and strict descriptions of the rules of participation in the group in order to be clear what to expect and how to behave in the group. Now only serious people join, and there is no more emotional comments.

In addition to inviting people to the group by sending direct messages and making new friends, I also started to test the effectiveness of FaceBook ads. I created an ad for the group and I cover the costs of advertisement with my credit cart. I choose the ad to be displayed in profiles of people age from 18 to 40 years, who are funs of spiritual and self-realisation books, movies and pages like 'The Secret' and what not. I choose the option of paying per click and selected minimum price of 0,2 € per click and I set the daily budge to 10 €. Now the ad campaign has been running for one week, with average of 100.000 impressions and 70 clicks per day. And the result of this is that about 10 people per day joined the group. So the cost is about 1 € per one new group member which I consider to be very effective investment. So I invite others to also create similar groups and invest in new members in order to attract recruits for the Desteni I Process life coaching program.

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