19 April 2011

2011 - Opening of Theosophic library in Celje

A week ago I received invitation to opening ceremony of theosophic library and reading room in Celje city that was named by famous Slovenian female theosophist Alma Maksimiljana Karlin. Celje is quite far from where I live, about 1,5 hours of highway driving so I was wondering if I should go or not. But then I remembered that I have some books from my deep spiritual study in past 10 years that I wanted to give away. I already sent an mail to Nova Akropola cultural society in Ljubljana city who also study religions months ago, but I did not receive any answers from them. So I thought that this would now be at least a cool opportunity to give my books to someone that would appreciate them. The largest work that I still had was the Arcana Coelestia, which is the largest work of Christian mystic Emanuel Swedenborg that lived in 17. century and it encompasses 14 thick books, explaining all the details of heaven and hell and how the Bible has been misinterpreted by most of Christian priests.

So I went yesterday to opening of the library in Celje which started at 7 p.m. and entered the library room, carrying a heavy box full of books in my arms. I had to remove my shoes and put on the slippers since this was the rule of the library. The head of library greeted me and I gave him the books. He was very excited and I also gave him some flyers with links to Desteni web sites for him to check them later. At about 19:10 the opening ceremony started. It was just a simple speech with the head of library siting on his chair while the rest of us, about 15 people, were sitting on the chairs, positioned in shape of an arch. At the end of explaining the troubles that they had to establish the library and get the appropriate space for it, he became very emotional and almost started to cry. I then thought how cool it would be if he would join the Desteni I Process self-realisation program where he would learn how to breathe effectively, stay here and not allow himself to accept any thoughts that create friction between his mind reality and physical reality and thus produce energy of emotions and feelings.

After his speech it was time for the next speaker to give us some words. It was the priest of Slovenian Free Catholic Church that I already known for several years. I have been attending some theosophic summer camps in the past years where I participated on some rituals that he executed. I was not very fun of that, since what those rituals do is separate people from what is here and bring them in their minds where they create and project superior alternative realities that do not allow them to understand the totality of reality. But I did not allow myself to project my past memories onto this moment and thus create judgement towards this priest. I breathed effectively and gave him the opportunity to speak. And it was quite interesting when he explained the principles of theosophic society that support equality very much. From the beginning of this society in 1875, all members had to be equal, regardless of the colour of the skin, social and work position, cast, sex, and religious believes. So they brought a great social revolution and their books also inspired Mahatma Gandhi to start the social revolution in India. So all this was very cool to hear and I expected for them to also become very excited about Desteni, since its solutions like Equal Money System are also all about bringing equality among all living beings in this world.

But then the priest suggested us to have a ritual where we would integrate the Great Invocation. I have been doing this invocation for many times in past years when I worked as a lightworker in some tantric group in Ljubljana. It is about closing your eyes and then in succession focusing your attention on several chakras on your body while speaking out some words of light and love. But since I learned at Desteni, that this kind of rituals only trap you in the mind, and that whatever you create in your mind does not have any influence on this physical reality whatsoever, I did not participate in this ceremony. So while other have closed their eyes and gone in their minds, I kept my eyes open, breathed, had some minor body massage and remained here. After the ceremony we had a snack and I talked with some people that I known from before and with some new ones. But then I realised that there is no point of dealing with those people, since how can there be a true harmony if different believes are tolerated. Any believe represents alternative mind reality that is not aligned with universal physical reality and is thus a lie and manifestation of separation. Thus how can there be true equality and oneness if different religions = lies are still allowed. It is common sensical that mind beliefs = lies and physical reality = truth can never coexist.

Thus I invite everyone to research this fact that Desteni is presenting and join the Desteni I Process program for self-realisation where you are able also to create a stable financial income for yourself and learn how to effectively unplug yourself from your illusional mind reality and birth yourself as life from the physical. There can be no heaven on earth as long as we all live in our fantasies of the mind. Only after we start to live just as physical bodies and by physical laws, the conditions are established for true oneness and to live here in full harmony.

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