17 April 2011

2011 - Observing myself from point of all existence

I am more and more sorting out my life, and yesterday I have tidied up all my stuff so the kitchen and living room and computer desk is finally clean thus I can now fully focus on my projects. Now I have to process the photos from my blogging in nature and from one business projects where I shot the photos for one wine producer. Then I could also start to edit videos from my visit at Desteni farm. I am still learning the professional video editing software and all the points that I need to learn are quite extensive. I want to make the best of the video clips so I want to firstly know what is possible to do with this tools in order to produce high quality of the final videos. I have also decided to buy a professional video camera and I plan to produce high quality videos that would support Desteni and equality system. Since I plan to do a lot of shots also in nature, I plan also to buy a pro video camera backpack that will enable me to carry the camera everywhere, also to the high mountains. I will then invite Destonians from Slovenia to come with the script to produce many interesting videos to expose atrocities of this world and introduce Desteni solutions to the masses.

While studying how to use video editing software I became overwhelmed with the extensive options to pimp-up the projects. You can get in great perfection in regards to clip sequencing, transitions, colour toning, special effects, and audio is also very important point here. I visited some video studio and saw how many people collaborate on video projects. Script editors, directors, camera operators, boom audio operators, green keying masters, scene artists, sound masters, speakers, actors, costume creators, video editors, and many assistants that carry and set extensive amount of all sort of technical equipment. So video is quite a complex and time consuming product and it needs a lot of people and very detailed planning in order to bring the perfect result. Of course one man can also create video projects from start to beginning, and I will firstly practice at video creation as one man band, and then expand as the projects will get more extensive.

I wonder what is happening with my recruit since he missed our first online chat and he has not been responding to my emails ever since. I sent him my introduction videos and blogs in order for him to find out more about me, and maybe he got scared about all that stuff and has quit. Or maybe he has some other projects on his mind and does not have time to start the process yet. I will never know exactly what is going on in his life currently until he reconnects with me. Since he is very far away, in China, I am not able to contact him easily. So all that I have left is wait for him to contact me again.

Past Friday was quite exhausting day since I went to capital city Ljubljana, and had a few meetings, shopping and apartment inspection. While driving in the car I now usually do some voice recordings and make vlogs when I return home. So I produced three extensive vlogs that explain Desteni solutions like Equal Money System, why it is impossible to have no money system, and how Desteni relates to Buddhism. I have started to reply people's questions in form of vlogs since it is very practical and I do not have to constantly repeat myself and answer frequent questions all the time. Some people have reacted to my voice, since I speak very strongly, thinking that I am angry. But this is just the way of pushing myself to voice myself, since I have been all my life very quiet and did not speak much. When speaking in the company, others had difficult to hear me due to my quiet voice, but now I am pushing myself to express myself vocally and speak out as true self, as the physical, from starting point of self-honesty and what is best for all.

Yesterday on Saturday I did a lot of things and my head started to feel very heavy. My whole body became very tired at the evening, also due to a lot of physical activity since I transported a lot of things to the attic in order to make more place in my living room. I went to bed quite early, about 8 p.m., and I have now a bucket prepared in case if vertigo and nausea would hit me again in the bed. I woke up at 6 a.m. and I feel very rested and my head is clear. When falling to sleep I was wondering about myself, about who I am in relation to all the existence and how do other perceive me and my actions. All my life I have been in a position of submissive person and waiting for others to tell me what I do. I did not direct myself towards what is best for all, but just to please people around me in order to protect my life style and my personality. And yesterday I tried to see myself through the eyes of others and understand that I need to release my addiction to other people's opinion and become totally independent and take full responsibility for everything I do. For the first time I saw me as part of life and decided to change myself completely in order to become functional an supportive part of this existence.

I need now to end my writing since I have to go to Jesenice and pick my grandmother and then drive her here and then to her religious group meeting, like I do every Sunday. The weather is expecting to be clear and sunny, and I might go to mountains for several hours, because it has been a week since my last hiking. I also need to complete my mind construct for the Desteni I Process course since I have been procrastinating with it for many days.

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