21 April 2011

2011 - Attending Studio 12 video production workshop

For the last several days I have been visiting our capital city Ljubljana quite frequently due to looking of possible locations for my apartment and business office. Today I have checked out one very interesting room in the basement of Geodesic Administration of Republic of Slovenia. The drive way is very nice, room is about 3,5 meters high which is a minimum for my plans to have a photography and videography business there. After holidays they will send me a draft of the contract with detailed pricing. I am a bit worried about the expense of renting a business place, since I have never rented any place before, so this will push and motivate me more in doing some business that will enable me to cover all the costs of the rent.

After that I went to Studio 12 video production media house which is located in the apartment block near one of our two biggest brewery called Union. I have wanted to join the Studio 12 production several years ago since they started to produce videos about spirituality, self-realisation, new age, health, society, politics and education, so they are some sort of alternative non-profit media house. They have a small blue-screen studio, several cameras and field video mixing gadget which enables them to do live shows and direct internet broadcasts. A week ago I received invitation to advanced business video workshop. It will last two days, for 5 hours each day and today we had a video production theory that included knowledge about pre-production, production and post-production. And tomorrow we will practically work with computers using Adobe Premiere video editing software.

We are about 7 attendees, most of them are elementary and high school representatives, and others are from non-government organisations. We had opportunity at the beginning of the workshop to introduce ourselves, and I also introduced them with Desteni shortly, but the workshop organiser did not allowed me to tell the full story due to limited time. So I will give to all attendees a leaflet with links to check Desteni out if they are interested.

I am also very excited since I received notice that the tripod for the video camera with the latest fluid head from Manfrotto arrived and that I may pick it whenever I want. I do not need the tripod yet since it will take about 20 more days for the video camera and backpack to be delivered, but I consider to be very cool to pick it up at Kranj city tomorrow morning and show it at the Studio 12 video workshop since the video head is the latest model with so called Bridge technology. Maybe some of the attendees will become excited about it and also decide to buy it. I am so fun about new technological gadgetry, but I buy only those that I can practically use, mostly for my business. So everything is carefully planned investment, expected to pay off in the future.

After the workshop I also visited some young web site developer that has office at Arboretum VolĨji Potok and impressed me with his web site works, mostly in the field of spirituality, and he also created a web portal that combines the information from the new age field. His web sites are very clean, fast and functional, so I decided to give him the job of developing the web store for the Desteni Merchandise products. We had about one hour talk where I explained him the details about Desteni and my plans of starting the business of creating and selling Desteni accessories, and he will prepare for me the estimation of the cost for the web site development.

Yesterday was the due date for my Desteni I Process assignment but I still need to do the final two steps of components and self-forgiveness. I planned to do it today but I had too much resistance, not being able to focus enough for this hind of stuff. So I plan to do this tomorrow, after the last day of video workshop, when the excitements will be over.

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