08 June 2013

Day 67: Uncertainty about the future

Days from 64 to 66 are in my Slovenian blog.

I planned to go around my new neighborhood in these days in order to know the people who live here and to introduce myself and my new services. I prepared a brochure with different sorts of services that I would offer, from babysitting, teaching computer skills, English language, to graphic and web design services all the way to trimming bushes and cleaning suages. But then I started to doubting about the impression that I would make and if it would not be best if I reduce the services to similar types and not be to vague. Also the rainy storms are appearing and this also prevented me to go around and nock on the doors of the neighbors.

Someone called me two days ago and expressed the interest to buy one of my computers that I am selling online. If I would make a sale in monday as predicted, I would get enough money to pay the rent in time and this possibility removed the worry about where I would come with enough money. However now I am worried if the person would loose interes and change his mind and then I would be in trouble. So until Monday I would not know for sure how things will develop.

Then on the Monday evening also some training starts and will be ongoing for several days thus I do not want to fill my schedule too much since I want to reserve enough time for learning. Thus I now decided to finish some additional ads for the stuff and stock that I want to sell. However I am not very fun of searching all the invoices and extracting the purchased price in order to set the sales price. I am not excited at all and feel very heavy and sleepy. This could also be the influence of the weather. Thus I occasionally escape by watching movies.

Well, I do make some progress, slowly but surely and expect that everything will turn out just fine. I plan to discipline myself more, change my thinking and behavior patterns however I feel great resistance. I am breathing a lot, sorting out financial papers and building my new dream-board and action plan.

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