30 June 2013

Day 85: I got a new companion

Who said the Law of Attractions does't work! Just when I was thinking about come company that would assist me in gaining more motivation for my work and bring some amusement, today I already met some interesting candidate. Let me explained exactly what happened.

Yesterday when I went into woods, at the bus station, when the path started, I black cat was laying in the middle of the path and miaowed. When I approached, it stood up and started rubbing onto my legs. I stroked him a few times and did not know what it wants from me. After short time I continued the walk. I was thinking about that cat when I returned home and wondered why was he staying there.

Today I decided to go into woods again on the same path to see if the cat was still there, however I did not see it. However when I returned and went bye the bus station, I saw him again, ling near the road and miaowing. I asked two elder people that I just met if they know anything about that cat. They suggested that the cat is abandoned since people often leave their unwanted pets near the last bus stations. So I decided to take him to my home and see if we would come along.

The cat hat several ticks and was very stressed. Thus I firstly gave hime something to eat and drink and then removed some ticks. In the first couple of hours it was very restless, but after ome tapping therapy it calmed down. The neighbor suggested to bring it to the vet tomorrow which I will do in order to inspect him if it has some other parasites. I will keep it today in my room over night and see if this will suit it. Then tomorrow we'll go to the next step.

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