03 June 2013

Day 63: Settling into new apartment

I can not believe it. After boxes and boxes of stuff given away, I today still filled two large boxes of tuff that I will be giving away and I still have about 6 boxes of stock material in the previous apartment and the full bedroom and the full living room there. I moved from 100 square meter apartment to 30 square meters apartment so one third of the previous apartment. And I felt like previous apartment was not even half full of stuff. And I am also surprised about how much time I spend for moving. I imagined that couple of days will do but it is almost two weeks since the beginning of moving out.

I experience that everything I do takes much more time than in previous years. Everything moves so slow. The main problem is that I find it more difficult to earn money that in the past. I remember my perception about 5 years ago where I would have a feeling like I am not working at all, just having fun and spending much of my time for self-research, reading books and attending workshops. And money would simply come without any trouble. I had so much orders that I had to specialize. But then something changed and orders started to fall in numbers. Is this due to so called “financial crisis”, or is it something else?

Well previously my parents assisted me a lot financially. I just had to focus on my work and they would handle the business. They also helped me to get my own apartment so I had not a lot of fixed monthly costs. Thus I was able to work relatively little and earn a lot. They say “It is not how much you earn but how much you save that makes you rich”. And I see now this to be true. After selling my apartment I moved to big expensive apartment without effectively tracking my business finances. I imagined that it would be the same as before, especially since I moved to capital city where people have more money and are much more opened for business.

But unfortunately my expectations did not come true. It was an interesting bunch of circumstances that influenced the outcome. Firstly the study of psychology took much more time that I expected. Then the online store management did not turn out like I planned. Next the delivery of equipement for my photo studio took 7 instead of 1 month due to natural disasters in Japan and China. Also my ex girlfriend did not collaborate with me but decided for another high school and she also influenced me with her mind patterns of modest living without any big ambitions. And they say “You have attracted or created everything in your life” thus you must take self-responsibility for past events.

And so I do. Tomorrow I continue with sales activities of the stock from my online store, I have some other personal stuff for sale and I will use any opportunity to earn money. I could can do many things. From graphic design to photography, web design and development, even gardening. I remember how I in the beginning when I started my own business 13 years ago it was spring and I went around the neighborhood offering to trim bushes and trees. I am also able to do small home repairs and many more. I learn quickly and do my work in high quality. However wonder in to what level should I try different businesses and to what extent should I remain focused on the new direct sales business that I have been developing for the last 4 months? It would be strange if I would go tomorrow around my new neighborhood and offer to trim bushes and then visit them couple of weeks later in suit and tie trying to sell them some very different product. Or would they not mind at all? Well well see.

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