25 June 2013

Day 80: Business resistance backchat

Besides resistance towards writing blogs, I also experience resistance towards doing any other business activities. It is not that I have no ideas what to do in business, but past experiences and current global events made me uncertain about the results. I am unable to predict what will happen if I decide for some project and I am afraid that it will fail due to influences that I currently do not see or might develop in the future.

Excitement about some activity usually comes from certainty of the outcome, however things change in my life with the speed as never before. And then I also have to wait a lot more time that I used to. For example in my previous business of photography when I decided to reopen a photo studio, the delivery of the equipment took 7 months instead of 1 month as couple of years before. And also in current business I estimated that I will be fully running in 1 or 2 month tops, however it has been now 6 months after start and the money flow has still not stabilized. Now I am also to wait for several weeks for the launch of additional related products.

Well, I could do many business things or activities to earn money, however I now decide for the projects that impact this world in a way where the result will be a better place for all. This means that I also must collaborate with business peers all over the globe and come with a joint strategy that would be most effective. I am glad though that I decided this kind of activities since they bring me self-confidence and self-trust. They might not be very exciting on outside but deep inside I am sure that my life potential is well invested for the benefit of all. 

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