26 June 2013

Day 81: Great development of events today

I am excited again. Firstly I sold one of my computers today and I got some extra cash now that will enable me to cover some of my urgent expenses. Then the points about the business cleared which enabled me to now full move on. Tomorrow morning I will be having a strong motivation to wake up and move myself and I am looking forward to it.

I also met I guy today who finished first part of medical high school and is now deciding about specialization. I surprised myself with the level of enthusiasm that I used to express my points of view about the state of medical knowledge and indoctrination of the medical students. I asked him what he thinks about effectiveness of modern western medicine and if he knows about the ignorance and corruption in the pharmaceutical industry. He went blank and started to protect what the learned in the school, claiming that what I say is just a religion since he needs scientific evidence. So I did not want to push him more, however I think I made enough impact that he would start researching this point and maybe discover the truth.

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