27 June 2013

Day 82: Executing new priorities

Since yesterday I got new information and funds that enabled me to move forward, I today started execution of the next logical steps. For some project I researched the locations in capital city that offer conference rooms and I also sent inquiry for suppliers of certain product that I will need for some other project. I then went through the financial documentation and decided what bills will I pay tomorrow. I also cleaned the computer files and emails and prepared for the selling activities of some products that were left on stock from two of my past projects that I decided to terminate.

What I am not very fun of that I after some time get bored and seek some entertainment and usually I go to YouTube and watch some movies. Since I am working alone in my apartment I some days don't even go out of apartment once a day. I think that I would be more effective if I would have some company or partner that would assist me at projects. So I will research the options and research what works best and how things will develop.

And I still have not disciplined myself not to watch movies late at night. Usually I watch them until 1 a.m. in the morning until my eyes would get very tired. And then I would also not wake up  before 9 a.m. in the morning. Somehow I thing that I would work too much if I would be more effective which is kind of self-deception. I know that I could discipline myself to be more productive, however I need to develop more self-directiveneness and a way of effective physical and mental relaxation.

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