29 June 2013

Day 84: Sun-breaking Saturday activities

After storm and rain there were several cold cloudy days where I did not feel like going out and I was also not very suitable weather for doing the laundry. Today the sun finally broke through the clouds and it became more warmer. Thus I washed and hanged the laundry to dry and then went to the woods for a walk to the new hill peak destination called the Head.

But what I was thinking of today was mostly what would be best use of my time to execute the business projects that would also result in making this world the best place for all. Since I live and work alone, basically all the work is done silently unless I would talk with people on the phone or have some business meetings. So what I miss is the company of someone that would assist me and with whom I could talk regularly and reflect easier on my progress. However all the people that I know to be suitable for this kind of cooperation are currently busy so I will have to wait a while to test out this point.

Also the business projects are being developed by business associates and are also best to wait until they are finalized. There are couple of other activities and remaining of the past projects that I could engage and clear however I am not motivated enough to do that. Today thus I invested most of my time to learn some new text by hearth that I would need for the business presentation and I will then start collecting hot leads in order to be prepared when some assistance will be finally available.

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