01 June 2013

Day 61: Illusion of everything is OK

It is interesting, how many people that I spoke to would like to live quiet simple life, without caring for others. They say that others have their own karma and they need their own experiences in order to grow. And the bigger the life struggles, the bigger the motivation to change and improve life. This is mostly true, since some are like in a state of sleep and unaware of what is going on on this world until some big problem happens.

But can't here be another way? Why can not take care for each other in spite living a relative great life? The mind energies of good feelings and limited range of our human senses keeps us in the state of separation and not realizing the consequences of our actions. And so much distractions, like TV, radio, ads, magazines and other people who want attention.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to be in state of contentment due to illusion of separation and resting and doing nothing much to change in this world and thus allowing the cycle of invisible abuse to continue.

I commit myself to constantly be aware of the real situation and motivate myself to move myself towards creating the world system where a dignified life for all will be guaranteed.

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