31 May 2013

Day 60: Confusion about using the mind

In the past several years of self-discovery I have read a lot of books and digital content that describe how human function and how is bets to live and function on this world. There terminology used was the mind, consciousness, awareness, ascension, enlightenment, higher self, chakras, afterlife etc. Now when discovering Desteni material I was able to become more clear about some phenomena and structures about humans, however there are still many things that I am confused about.

There is specifici terminology used at one source that I am studying from and there is different terminology at the other source. Both sources are attractive for me since one is very revolutionary in terms of interdimensional research and the other is a source of practical information about how to be successful in the current system. From one perspective mind is not to be used but only the physical or the the physical mind. One is not to create energy of emotion and be energetically stable within however some suggets the use of emotional energy to focus and effectively create and move things in this reality. I will have to research more of the material available and engage in chats or forums in order to clarify this.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to think and be confused about things instead if asking people who have information and ability to clarify things.

I commit myself to when and as I have some question that I am not able to answer myself, I contact people who can assist me and thus come to clarity.

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