22 May 2013

Day 52: Renting contract signed

Finally! Today I signed the renting contract and I felt relieved since until a written agreement was made, I was not sure if the apartment that I picked out will be ok to move in. I already went to the local administrative office and changed my permanent address of living. However I will have to wait for couple of days before the current tenant moves out.

My ex girlfriend came to visit me and she will help me packing and moving out for couple of days. This is very nice of her and I appreciate this very much. She would like us to stay together, however an effective and supportive relationship constitutes more than just the I love you words and sex.

My father will also assit me financially in order to move to the new apartment and today we spoke on the phone for more that half of hour. He gave me a lecture and wanted to explain what I did with all the money from selling my apartment. But basically he did not want to know this. He just wanted to be right and to feel good.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed to bring me in situation where my parents would need to assist me since I learned to be obedient and allow my parents to take care of me,

I commit myself to develop self-leadership skills and manage my finances well. I commit myself to stop listening to people who don't want me to change, who do not care for other living beings and build a network of people who care and support each other as equals.

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