17 May 2013

Day 47: A new promising Slovenian political party

Today I had a first meeting with a leader of the new Slovenian political party called Združeno Slovensko Ljudstvo (United Slovenian People). The conversation was very exciting and we exchanged personal experiences and ideas for 5 hours. From all the new political parties that were established recently, the leadership seem to best resonate with Desteni ideas and I see a great opportunity here in order to start engaging in the political activities in our country in order to gain experiences.

The political party was established as the answer to the problems around second biggest Slovenian city Maribor where political corruption has been exposed and escalated to the level of violent street protests. However it was realized that using force is not the best way to solve the problems. Thus some people got smart and decided for a political approach.

It was amazing to find out how terrible painful life experiences shaped the leader of the ZSL party, from domestic abuse of step father who was an alcoholic to traffic accidents, corruption on the working place and not getting payed for months, to exploitation from the side of his life partner and even a suicide attempt. Such events drive people to a state of fearlessness since they have nothing more to loose.

However in this case the ZSL leader is also a very smart and opened person who started to connect with people throughout the country, creating a intelligence network of informers in order to gather the material proof of corruption and abuse in politics for the future legal processes where are abusers will be put to justice. I appreciate this bravery and initiative since most of the people are just in a state of waiting for some miracle to happen.

It is a shame that our country has climbed the ladder of the most corrupt countries in the world and is now holding the corruption world record. It is estimated that a lot of peoples resources has been sold out to corporations and that a major privatisation even of water resources is being attempted. Workers have been threatened that they will loose their jobs if they engage in protest and thus street protest have diminished.

Our schooling system is raising up youth who take a rewards and bribery as something normal and this habit then escalates when they grow up and engage in the economic and political system. Basically no business is being done without offering some kind of money or some other king of compensation to participants. No one cares about the consequences as long they get their share. So we must start changing our habits and I suggest for everyone to engage in the Desteni I Process online course in order to purify all the accepted and allowed believes and definitions.

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